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  • This is a test release of my Wii remote plugin. It can read

    the roll and pitch accelerometer values from one remote.

    You'll need a Wii remote and a Bluetooth adapter. The connecting procedure depends on your adapter. Generally, you need to hold 1+2 on the remote for a couple of seconds and then start searching for BT devices. Hold the power button to turn off your remote afterwards.

    It uses the Wiiuse api (http://www.wiiuse.net) so the following things should be possible:

    • Support for 1-4 remotes
    • Accelerometer support
    • Button presses
    • IR camera tracking (pointing)
    • Nunchuck support: accelerometer and buttons

    I included a simple test .cap where you can rotate a box to shove some physics blocks around. You need to connect the remote before starting.

    <img src="http://paahdin.com/projects/wiimote/blockrotate.jpg">

    The values near 0 (level) are a bit jumpy, but smoothing should be easy to implement in Construct.

    Download wiimote.zip

  • Zomg!! I dont have a wiimote, sadly, but im glad this has been made. Sounds awesome. Wish i knew enuf c++ to make a plugin. edit: now you have experience with the sdk, do you plan to make a general joypad plugin?

  • Wow.

    I do have some wiimotes at home, so I'll be testing this then.

    One thing which would be cool; if you're happy to release the source code I could help you turn it into a behavior?

  • Wow, this'd be awesome to have built in as a behavior! This is really cool stuff.

  • Wow, Wiimote plugin!!!! Brilliant, who hasn't thought of making a Wii game, now this is the next best thing! I'm gonna have to get one of my Wiimotes and try this out later.

  • Sadly I don't have a Wiimote, but this looks great! Nice one!

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  • Awesome!

    EDIT: I just tested it out. It's a good start, but there seems to be quite a bit of lag. If you can clean that up and add the rest of the Wiimote features, it could be a really great plugin.

  • This looks awesome

    Now I just need to get one of those bluetooth things for my computer...

  • Hah cool nice one!

  • i'm really eager to try it, but the host does not respond to me ... it's probably just a temporary issue, but if it's not, could you upload it somewhere else? that'd be rad!

  • New release! Features:

    • Pointing (x, y, distance from screen)
    • Button presses for all buttons
    • Wiimote Yaw, requires IR
    • Can set screen size, important to operate correctly
    • Set sensor bar location above/below screen
    • Enable/disable IR tracking

    <img src="http://www.paahdin.com/projects/wiimote/pointing.jpeg">

    I didn't think I would bother with IR tracking yet but I found out I already had a suitable "sensor" bar from my EMS Topgun lightgun. Otherwise I would've probably built my own wireless bar, it's just a few IR leds after all.

    I updated the example .cap. Press 1 on keyboard to enable pointing. Press A on the remote to keep spawning physics boxes where you are pointing.


    • Button presses are continuous
    • One time there was weird lag with everything and I had to restart construct. If the cursor appears very unresponsive restart construct.
    • Accelerometer values near 0 are still jumpy. Dunno if this is a hardware or API limitation.


  • Damn, damn, damn this looks so cool. I wish I could try it out

  • I might have to buy a wiimote just to try this...

  • this is seriously.... too. awesome. i want to buy a wiimote just for this!

  • Construct is giving me an error saying that it can't load the plugin.

    EDIT: Blah, scratch that. I accidentally got the regular and runtime version mixed up.

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