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  • Just tested it out. I see that the lag is mostly gone now, which is really nice, but it seems that retrieving information from the Wiimote slows things down tremendously. On my own app, I went from having a framerate of 2000 to having one of around 50 when an object is set to rotate to the roll of the Wiimote.

  • If anybody is considering buying a Wiimote (and a BT adapter and some IR leds...) for just playing in construct, I would recommend importing them from Play Asia or similar store. At least around these parts the remotes are closer to 50� which is ridiculous. It's not a bad purchase even if you don't have a Wii, there's quite a bit of cool things to play around with.

    For the BT adapters, there's some kind of compatibility list here. It has to support BT 2.0. I just bought a random adapter and was lucky.

    Re: Framerate drop --

    I never noticed that, but then again my framerate was capped at 50. I hope it's something that can be optimized away at a later stage. The way wiiuse works I poll for events on every OnFrame() and return 1 ("keep calling"). Maybe not the best way.

    In any case, I'll do the interface first and then worry about the internals and code cleanliness. Even the wiimote api can be changed at a later stage, I just picked wiiuse since it was tiny.

  • Imy framerate was capped at 50.

    What??? Why ever turn off V-sync? You'll make it look loads worse!

  • And so it begins .

  • Just a pet peeve of mine, really V-sync makes the display quality a lot better, I don't know why anyone would want to turn it off.

  • Sorry, my mistake. The settings were at whatever the defaults are, so v-sync was on and it was not possible to reach ridiculous framerates (which would make the limit 60 instead of 50...).

  • Set the framerate mode to unlimited and enable FPS in caption for a quick way to see how things impact the framerate.

  • Interesting development.

    Nintendo doe$n't mind?

  • Why would they?

  • Why would they?

    Nintendo could say: the wii-mote and its technology (as a whole) is ours and ours only to use!

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  • I don't think it's a problem as long as it doesn't claim to be officially related to Nintendo. For example, Quest3D, a commercial application development system comes with a Wiimote plugin.

  • > Why would they?


    Nintendo could say: the wii-mote and its technology (as a whole) is ours and ours only to use!

    If you stole Nintendo's code that runs the Wiimote and tried to pass it off as your own, then yes you could get into trouble. Otherwise, if you own a Wiimote you can use it how you see fit.

    I mean, there are XBOX 360 controller drivers for Linux... . They have no legal recourse to tell you how to use your stuff, they're only concerned with piracy of their intellectual property.

  • I don't think they can do anything about it provided the implementation of the Wiimote wasn't hacked or using their code, but fairly reverse engineered. Nothing to worry about in any case, they'd look foolish trying to stop it.

  • If Nintendo did, for some strange reason, decide to pick on the plugin then it would get your name out there at least and they would be seen as the bad guys and Scirra would get some publicity!

  • They have no right to unless code was stolen which i doubt it was. Like someone said Linux has 360 controller drivers, it's all about fair use guys. Besides if things like this cause more people to buy the remotes, nintendo wins.

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