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  • There are simple tutorials you can follow on YouTube to get a Wii remote to work on your computer and function as your mouse... there's nothing special about it, though interfacing it properly with Construct is totally awesome


  • Hi guys!

    This is my first post around here... I've been using Construct for a week now and it is great! You should expect seeing some of my projects soon

    Right now, I'm having a problem I couldn't find any info related on the forum: When I try to run the the Wiimote cap file, I get the message: "Failed to load plugin Wiimote.csx". That's it. No number code like some of the other answer here in the forum.

    I copied the two plugin files on their correct folders (Plugin on Plugin, Runtime on Runtime).

    Can you guys have idea on what could I do to solve this?

    Thanks everyone!

  • Hi guys!

    I copied the two plugin files on their correct folders (Plugin on Plugin, Runtime on Runtime).

    Can you guys have idea on what could I do to solve this?

    Ooohh crap. I forgot to include wiiuse.dll in the new release. It was in the first one. Download it here and place it in the runtime directory.

  • Hi Luomu!

    I managed to load the example properly, but my wiimote mapping is totally screwed up!

    I get lots of "Home Button Pressed" and I assume the "A" Button is continuosly pressed also, because it keeps spawning boxes at 0,0 location.

    I did some tests with other Wiimote application (Wiinstrument, for example) and everything was okay... Do you have any idea on what's causing it?

  • quit pressing those buttons, and the messages stop.

  • That's awesome. I have wiimote at home, so I'll be testing this tomorrow.

  • I never did manage to get this fully working...

  • This is awesome! By any chance would this support the classic controller that connects to the wiimote? I'd really like to use that as the controls for my game.

  • Sorry for the bump, but now that Wii Motion+ is out, will this plugin be supporting that too? I have some ideas I'd love to try out!

  • Motion Plus isn't fully understood yet. You'll probably have to wait at least a few weeks for it be reverse engineered and supported by Wiimote libraries.

  • What is motion plus? Sounds interesting.

  • It's an attachment added to the Wiimote which adds 1:1 motion sensing. It was released a fewdays ago and currently only three games support it: Grand Slam Tennis, Virtua Tennis and Tiger Woods 10.

    From the impressions I've read, the Tiger Woods game is considered by some to be the best golf game ever due to Motion+ making the game more realistic than ever before. I've played Grand Slam Tennis and even though the game isn't true 1:1, I am still able to hit the ball around the court wherever I want .

    I really want this plugin to eventually support it to mess around with the possibilities.

  • That sounds very interesting.. I'd give it a few weeks/months before 3rd party devs fully figure it out. Could open up possibilities for very realistic games though.

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  • This reminds me: I bought a wiimote a few weeks ago, gotta try it with Construct

    did indirectly through GlovePie emulating keys and it was beautiful

  • This is the "Yes I still intend to get back to and finish this" post

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