Open letter to the Construct community

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  • Cons2 is headed in the right direction because you don't longer get to deal with unstable code from Cons0.x (+ you have better experience), it's more than obvious. I didn't call Cons0.x a disaster ^^'.

    Announcing cutting efforts for Cons1 at Feb 2011 -> it's pretty late. AFAIR first expectations of Cons1 were back in Christmas 2008. Such announcements should've been made earlier.

  • I think most people have been aware of the situation with C1 for quite a while now. That it could still be improved, but never finnished because of the knots and roadblocks in the early code. This is the best thing that could happen to construct right now. We have C1 in a fairly good state, so we can work on our projects and ideas, and in the meantime we explore and get to know the new features of C2, and help the development so it goes smoothly, and when the time is right to swich completely we'll allready know everything about it.

  • I'm sorry if you're frustrated by the late notice, but it's done now. I thought it would be better to have something to show with the announcement - rather than "we won't finish 0.x, and haven't got anything else interesting to show you right now". Why would anyone believe C2 was going to be better if they couldn't see for themselves?

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  • Ashley, I am really appreciate your contribution.

    The decision of C0.9X makes me a little sad.....

    But it's ok!

    I am always on your side and hope C2 will come ASAP.


  • It is too bad that you put one of the best open-souce programs into the category of Another program that has to be paid. Good luck with all the licensing and stuff.

    When i found out about this program,I was shockt how well it is made and that by programers who spend free time on it!

    Im still a noob but I already got a big grinn over it so I do believe the next version CS2 will be good as you promise.

    I hope it wont have atleast such rediculous restricting license like game maker...

    Will it be available trough paypal by the way?

  • There is a very high likelihood we will accept pay pal payments.

  • Miu3! Is that really you? How awesome and unexpected to see you here I'd love to see something you made with construct!


  • I'm upset that it wont be free anymore.

    That was the main drawcard i thought.

    I don't like to pay for anything.

    The application being free is greatly responsible for its popularity.

  • Think they're going to still have a free version of it...

  • Yes, Construct 2 will have a free version, the drawbacks of it though are:

    • Delayed updates (new updates will be immediately available to paying users, free users will have to wait a certain amount of time)
    • A notification when you run, letting you know that you are running the free version, much like mIRC.
    • You are not allowed to sell programs/games made in the free version of Construct 2
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