Open letter to the Construct community

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  • Well this certainly caught me by surprise this morning (Made even stronger by the absence of coffee in my system). Still, you guys have mentioned on more than one occasion that Construct Zero was a coded mess; so I'm glad to see it won't be a problem much longer. It was, however, a great program for what it did right, and I've certainly have had my fun with it. I am quite excited to see what you guys have in store for us. My best of wishes to you all and to many more great days ahead.

    BTW, does the introduction of C2 mean there will forum split soon?

  • C2 needs more developers. It is a big project, like Ashley said, which is why it really needs more than one or two developers who are pretty busy with other work. I'd consider this the most serious obstacle to C2's development. C1 is/was open source, but no other devs joined the team. The same GUI library isn't being used, is it?

  • This is a great decision, Ash.

    I believe the community supports it because it makes sense.

    Since I discovered Construct, I was amazed at how the Scirra devs had a nice view of how things should work, planning ahead and asking the community for opinions. I am proud to see such commitment to a open source software that has given us so much power in game-making, demanding nothing from us.

    Currently I am using Construct to create levels for a commercial project and I'll contribute to your efforts once it is released and start making some money (hopefully ).

    I also can't wait to test C2 and all its bugginess and limitations. It will be a pleasure!

  • Can't wait for the public preview.

  • The same GUI library isn't being used, is it?

    Profuis is not being used anymore.

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  • At first I was a little bummed with the thought of all my events going to become obsolescent on a project I started within the last month. But now that I've rationalized a little bit and dug myself out of my selfish foxhole, I can't wait for C2. Can't wait! Construct is the only platform I can imagine making games on without code level programming knowledge, and anything to push it forward, I'm on board with.

    Good luck in creating a new and more robust Contrust! Go dev's, go!

  • I can't wait the weekend to test it out! I'dn't mind if c2 was paid soft, at least I'd make that forever postponed donation . Thanks to all devs for their great work.

  • (This is what I get for not checking the forum in so long)

    Oh thank god. I was really hoping something like this would happen, I stopped using Construct ages ago because of all the bugs and problems. I'm really looking forward to this do-over, and I'm really glad you made that decision!

  • I always thought that this was probably the best idea. Development is so much quicker and smoother with proper software design choices. C2 will be great.

    skipped 6 pages cos im in a hurry, but can we apply for beta testing or anything? (will read the whole post tomorrow so please excuse me if this has been asked (loads) before).

    good luck!

  • I can't wait to see a Construct 2. The faster the development on it the better...and even a better functionality paid version would be nice as well (as long as the price is realistic). Happy to see this progressing!

    Are you still going to have Python support with Construct 2?

  • i believe the official stance is that the only way C2 will work is with DOS commands dave, so sorry.

  • Ash Is there going to be a plugin SDK with the public preview? I would love to help out in anyway I can.

  • I am so happy about this!

    The modular export system especially, here's hoping to Linux support!

  • This is great news!! Thank you!

    Will it remain open-source? I've downloaded version 0.9x a couple weeks ago and was getting into it in order to contribute with the project...


  • Happy to see this, I wonder if 3D is still supported, atleast to the point to make 2.5D games like the new super mario for wii, either way I'm looking forward to what Construct 2 would bring better interface and you can make folders for your objects so they would be easier to find, a whole lot, you know what I think, Construct 2 started a lot sooner then I expected, I thought it was going to start late 2012/early 2013 atleast but alas i'm looking forward to C2.

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