Open letter to the Construct community

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  • I too am excited about this news. I do not usually post on forums I'm more like a stalker of the forums and when i saw the new banner i was excited to see this topic. I fully support the new reconstruction of Construct. Which rises many questions that may not yet be answered but ill ask. Does this mean that C2 will support Cross-Platform?

    Edit: I just skimmed and found support for different exports.

  • My full support.

    Really love the look of the banner too, very slick.

  • Amazing. I was certain that C2 was so far into the future that there was no point in me even considering it's possibilities at this time - so I think this is very good news!

    I'm really looking forward to trying it out (multiple platforms, yay!)

  • Yeah, definitely. I thought that since we weren't even at 1.0 yet, it'd be 2 years before we saw any inkling of 2.0.

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  • I'm all for improving things. I'd kill for Construct to load animations into the animation sequencer faster, and for layouts to load faster in "run layout" because that's been a nagging thing for me, but certainly not a program killer.

    Above all though, hoping that the event system in C2 and the basic operations of creating the Construct way remains the same with only necessary improvements, because I find Construct's current system to be the most straight-forward and in my opinion the best event-based system available. So in other words; I'm hoping they can fix what's broken, but don't fix what ain'tbroken

  • This is certainly interesting news, to say the least! =D

    I'm kind of at a loss for words, since I also thought that it would be at least one year or so before we'd start hearing about C2 coming out soon.

    It's a bit sad that importing old projects won't work, but if it'll help development of C2 I'm all for it.

    Looking forward to test it out! =)

    97 will be coming out shortly as well... even has new features... ...the object bar).

  • Your decision must of been hard. Even though you can still strip down C1, or at least just rewrite it, I bet it still feels like a daunting task to even approach where C1 left off, though it may be easier.

    I think the devs expected a lot worse, but in my opinion (and others) this is exciting. People can still carry their games over ('good' design choices are invaluable, as made obvious by the first post). If Construct is free, then there is no way we could call you out. Even if I payed I doubt I would really feel like it was a dick move.

    Since I first used Construct, I haven't even touched another program designed along the same objectives, so all my boring, unfinished prototypes are 100% Construct-made. That (kinda) shows how much I value Construct, right?

    I am really excited about C2, and you can be sure you will have one more tester who will work for free, like our own little E-tribe. You give me an awesome product, and I give you my feedback.

  • construct is brilliant! sets a new standard in tools for non-programmers like me - as far as I'm concerned anyway

    looks forward to C2 - keep up the amazing work!

  • Wow this is awesome i just want to thank you scirra team for all your work and effort you have made in the development of construct, the best game making software to date.

  • I'm not quite sure what to think. I'm looking forward to C2, of course! But on the other hand, it's been a long time until the current state of Construct and the situation hasn't change, it's still one or two spare-time "garage" developers. So it will endure another 4 years or even more to bring C2 to a usable state as 0.99.9x?

    But I really, really wish you all the best for C2. Scirra was always enthusiastic and the community grouped around it is one of the best I've ever met on the net. It deserves a success.

    To the pricing: It was mentioned here because Ashley said so, when talking about C2 some time ago. There were plans to make it commercial, but with a free version also.

    Go Scirra Go

  • To the pricing: It was mentioned here because Ashley said so, when talking about C2 some time ago. There were plans to make it commercial, but with a free version also.

    I think - and don't quote me on this - but I think the plan is for the main program of C2 to be free, and certain plugins or runtimes or licenses will cost a fee. Pretty much the same way Unity is doing things now. But obviously I can't speak for Ashley, and he should really be the one to clear that up (and I wish he would, there's a lot of speculation going on in the thread!).

  • Great news, been waiting for this.

    [quote:1nym2qcj] So it will endure another 4 years or even more to bring C2 to a usable state as 0.99.9x?

    If i've understood correctly, lot of the stuff from C1 like behaviors, shaders, etc. can be used in C2 without too much hassle.

  • All I can say is "See told ya so".

    I'm sure everybody is with you on this, and you have my support.... if you want it.

  • This is good news! I thought it would be years before C2 started. It'll be interesting to see what new features it will bring, aside from being better written and the multi-platform thing.

  • Great news indeed

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