Construct 0.99.9 released (unstable)

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  • Download Construct 0.99.9 (unstable)

    This is an

    unstable build. You can help Construct's development by downloading it, trying it out, testing and reporting bugs. If you have projects you want to work on without possible bugs getting in the way, stick to stable builds.

    Link to previous build (0.99.85) changelog

    Thanks to Davo for most of the changes this build - he's really worked hard and done some cool fixes and additions We're back on track for a 1.0 release as next major version - the following 0.99.9x builds should be becoming more stable ready for release candidacy.


    Platform Movement

    [FIX] - Fixed but where 0 deceleration meant you shouldn't turn to the right once you'd reached the max speed

    [FIX] - Collision detection errors where sometimes you might be 0.4 pixels into a wall, fixing this also fixed the jumping up a wall bug

    [FIX] - Running down a slope and jumping now produces the same jump strength as a regular jump

    [FIX] - Jumping sometimes getting stuck in the ceiling

    [FIX] - Jumping upwards onto a slope didn't reset the Y velocity to 0... making it seem like you were jumping up a slope

    Object Bar

    [ADD] - In the ribbon you can now hide and show the bar by clicking the 'Object Bar' button above Animation Bar. Finally you can hide and show that 'pesky little bar'

    Animation Bar

    [FIX] - Holding control now successfully duplicates the animation and its frames

    Event Sheet Editor

    [FIX] - Fixed some memory leaks with icons in the event wizard

    [FIX] - "hello" no longer becomes "hello^. It was caused by clipping of drawtext

    Panel Object

    [FIX] - Panel object didn't rotate property

    Shadow Caster & Light

    [ADD] - You can now create a polygon shape for your shadow

    [FIX] - Can now set, add, subtract private variables and it works

    Custom Movement

    [FIX] - Can now change movement speed and movement angle during the stepping stage. This should make it easy to do sonic style movements where you need to 'trace' along the walls as you move

    Window Object

    [ADD] - You can now use 'ClientWidth' and 'ClientHeight' to get the width and height of the client area of the window.

    [ADD] - 'Restore' - So you can restore the window if its maximized or minimized

    Sprite Object

    [FIX] - Distortion problems with sprites whose images and object sizes didn't match

    [FIX] - Absolute distortion point now works even when the object is rotated


    [ADD] - Added new '3d object' just to annoy Quazi

    [ADD] - Added new 'Portal Maths' object - helps with doing the maths for portals

    [ADD] - Added new 'Sprite Ribbon' object that makes creating ribbons and trails easier

    [FIX] - Missing fixes from last build compiled in to this build

    [FIX] - Fixed the control system. Control states are reset between behaviors onFrame and the event cycle. 360 Controller updates the states in OnFrame2. Allows events to change the control states.

  • Thank you guys! Cheers for the fixes for that wall jump bug too Davo

    Now if only i didn't have to go to work today... Oh well, 4 minutes to try the new build out.

  • I love you guys. I really do. No time to test right now, though.

  • Shadow caster behavior seems to be broken, if i add it to any object, it will crash. Otherwise, great update!

  • the .obj file doesn't seem to work, whenever I tried using it Construct crashed, I downloaded an ak47 model of an .obj from this site.

    and whenever I put the model path in the 3D object .obj model path my game crashes, is it because it uses too many polygons? either way I don't have time to test it more for now so this is only a small test I made and I got crashes.

    Also as Porlo said I get Temp.exe stopped working on Vista whenever I added the shadow caster.

  • New version WHOOO

    The OBJ object crashes if you load a model with too many polygons on my machine too. Try something with less and it seems to work fine.

  • Seems you need 3D layering and power of 2 textures for 3d objects to work best. I imported a sphere and used 1024x512 texture of Earth, yet my FPS is still high.

    Nice job Ain't gonna be easy to make Moon orbit Earth, yeah?

  • Shadow caster behavior seems to be broken, if i add it to any object, it will crash. Otherwise, great update!


  • Cool new build.

    Figured out how to use the ribbon object, very nice.

  • Thanks again to the devs!

    Also everybody be sure to run the DirectX updater looks like there's an update for June 2010.

  • 3D object rocks! Tested my game and everything seems to be running fine so far. Jumping on slopes is fixed. Awesome update!

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  • Can you guys port it to MacOS?!

    Just kidding!

    Can't wait to go back to work and test this!

  • I don't know about construct, but for a reference on the amount of polygon in the screen for good realtime performance are VERY low compared to the amount of polygon for rendered movies, for example:

    -On Nintendo 64 and playstation 1, polygon count were around 100.000 triangles for background,

    characters, 2D elements, etc. (a cube has 6 squares=12 triangles). A character used at max around 1.000 polygons.

    -PS2, Gamecube, Xbox 1 worked with around 20 million triangles on everything. (Note that this already incredible amount of triangles are only statical graphics, so whenever animation+interaction+ physics kicked in, this dropped A LOT, I play with Blender 3D and I can testify about this) A character would use around 2.000~5.000 polygons.

    What I'm trying to say with this? These consoles were designed specifically to handle 3D objects and as you can see they didn't use too many, Construct can handle 3D, but as far as I know it's not its focus so I would expect it to have a 3D performance WAY below than any other 3D game/engine, despite using DirectX.

    I haven't tested yet, but I think It should be safe to work with 3D models of 1.000 triangles app.


  • Downloading right now!

    Very exited to experiment with this build,


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