Construct 0.99.9 released (unstable)

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  • In what way do you mean platform movement broke your engine?

    Sorry David as I metioned in chat it was my fault. The cap works perfectly in the new version.

    I just forgot to press ctrl+BRAIN.

    My bad.

  • I am still having problems with corrupted projects (I tend to add and remove families/private variables/stuff and then run into strange bugs).

    0.99.9 is still not the most stable in that regard, however it is miles better than the current stable release.

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you are. Corrupted projects are still happening for me as well with this version. Some odd, and seemingly unreplicatable bugs show up within the editor itself, and the project is never the same again. As in, writing the same exact script, line for line, in a new project seems to work as intended, whereas something or other will go wrong with the old project.

    Sometimes it's not even a runtime issue. My favorite one today involved construct.exe crashing every time I attempted to change the font in any Text object in a particular layout. Other layouts in the same project, no problem. Opening Construct again, still the same problem. I ended up copying the Text object to a different layout, changing the font there, and pasting a clone of itself into the first layout. Still, a lot of needless work for something like that.

    And every version I've tried seems to have the same intermittent bugs with the Animator window, wherein clicking on the animation name will sometimes work just fine, sometimes do nothing at all, and sometimes crash the program.

    So, yeah. This version isn't stable, nor is the previous "stable" version, nor the couple of versions in-between. But if we're using the "stable" version as our benchmark, 0.99.90 is as good as any.

    I don't mean to sound especially negative or disparaging, but it does get a little frustrating. I keep hoping the existing bugs will get fixed before new functionality is added, but most of the time the bugs that are squashed aren't at all related to things I use.

  • shadow caster crashes everything 4 me.

    any1 knows how to fix it ?

  • How's this looking for a new stable release folks?

    If you still require comments....

    If I load an example, right mouse over the project and close it, then load another example and try the same thing, it crashes Construct. It happened twice in a row, using different examples. All the examples run correctly within this build.

    It seems to happen if you just load an example, then close it without doing any other action, then open another (sometimes a third or fourth), i.e. when browsing for that useful tip you saw!

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  • Also being picky about small things...

    I reported this a long time ago, but since .62 it's broken:

    • Using CUT (Ctrl-X) doesn't delete the object and move it to the clipboard. It is working as a COPY (the object moves to the clipboard, but also stays on the layout).

    And another thing I reported that is there - again, pretty minor, but still annoying:

    • If I rename the name of a player control (after clicking on "Manage Controls: ADD/EDIT"), the name doesn't change on that dialog - but if I click OK it will be changed.
  • > How's this looking for a new stable release folks?


    Again, your bug report mentions fixing memory leaks regarding the event wizard, but it doesn't. I still get a crash from frequent opening of the wizard, and this is really the only bug I want fixed right now.

    As mentioned, is there no way to make it load those event wizard icons of the sprites optionally?

    I agree with this aswell.

    If this is fixed then there isn't realy anything that stands in the way for a Stable Release (even for 1.0).

    Mr. Snooley

  • I have just tried running my game with this version, and it simply crashes. Is family picking "bug" here again? Good work anyway, the 1.0 version is near

  • yeah, cap too complex to figure out where just yet

    but I have a cap that runs much slower when I run it with this new version,

    dropping from 60fps to about 20fps

    in case it helps someone else find something

    it uses platform behavior, physics, and canvases

  • [quote:2f63x61e]Is family picking "bug" here again?

    This bug?

    or are you talking about another bug?

    lucid, is that fps slowdown only in this version? What version of construct were/are you using for the better fps?

  • lucid, is that fps slowdown only in this version? What version of construct were/are you using for the better fps?

    994 I believe, and I haven't tested other versions yet. I'm not at my pc now to check, but it definitely wasn't the previous latest version

  • That ribbon plugin makes me wonder about fake soft body objects. Going experimental.

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  • lucid the slowdown is due to a fix I submitted (SVN revision 153) for a bug where the collision mask did not change when the frame changed with animated sprites. The fix was first in construct 0.99.85.

    Here's the tracker:

    My fix was to recalculate the collision mask every time the frame changed. Before, the collision mask would only be recalculated when a sprite's size or rotation changed.

    If you uncheck "loop" or set "animation speed" to zero for the animations that are only one frame your fps should go back close to what it was.

  • aahh, thank you rojo

    that was keeping me from upgrading

    now I see I can though.thx

  • [quote:2s87zew7]Is family picking "bug" here again?

    This bug?

    or are you talking about another bug?

    lucid, is that fps slowdown only in this version? What version of construct were/are you using for the better fps?

    I am talking about this one:

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