Construct 0.99.3 released (unstable)

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  • Download 0.99.3 now! (unstable)

    Link to 0.99.2 changelog

    This build fixes some of the final (hopefully) problems introduced by the 0.99 update. Take note of the breaking change, and exercise usual caution since it's an unstable build.

    Possible breaking changes

    • [CHANGE] The 'Create object' actions in the System object, and the 'Spawn object' action of the Sprite object, previously picked all events created in the event. In 0.99.3, it now instead only picks the last object created with the action. In other words, events like the following now have different behavior:

    + Start of layout

    -> Create A

    -> Create A

    -> Create A

    -> Set A position to (100,100)

    The old behavior was to set all three A's position to (100,100). In 0.99.3, the action only applies to the last created object, so two As are not moved, and the third one moves to (100,100). If you want the old behavior in 0.99.3, you would need to copy the set position action after each of the Create actions. This allows greater flexibility in managing created objects (eg. you can now create two objects and move them to different positions in the same event), and fixes some annoying bugs with creating objects in loops.

    Tip: if this becomes annoying because you create a lot of objects in an event, try re-factoring with a 'repeat N times' condition like so:

    + Start of layout

    + Repeat N times

    -> Create A

    -> Set something in A...



    • [FIX] RTS movement: configuration error causing error on startup
    • [FIX] Platform Movement: Jitter bug with left and right gravity direction
    • [FIX] Platform Movement: On ground registering unexpectly when jumping up through a platform
    • [FIX] Physics: massive memory leak causing crashes in a few seconds under some circumstances
    • [FIX] Physics: crash calling actions (eg. Set Mass) immediately after creating object


    • [FIX] Mask - Transparent pixels were unaffected


    • [FIX] Crash removing layouts
    • [FIX] Infinite loop removing event sheets
    • [FIX] A crash when loading an application which had sound resources (caused verifier to crash, therefore saving crashed too)
    • [FIX] Crash previewing some large applications
    • [FIX] Potential crash loading and previewing old .caps


    • [ADD] Particles: action to set particle opacity
    • [ADD] Image Manipulator: new set rgb action
    • [FIX] Sprite: loading an image from file now updates the collision mask
    • [FIX] Sprite: glitch/crashes when using extremely large distort maps. These are not supported.
    • [FIX] Image Manipulator: set r/g/b actions now take values instead of colour parameters
    • [FIX] Light: showed at wrong position for one tick after being created
    • [CHANGE] Sprite: picking behavior of 'spawn object' modified. See breaking changes.


    • [FIX] Objects could disappear when layers rotated
    • [FIX] 'Else' following a 'Sprite overlaps X' condition sometimes ran even when the event was true
    • [FIX] Switching fullscreen mode caused rendering to stop
    • [CHANGE] Picking behavior of system 'create object' actions modified. See breaking changes.
  • First! Mwahaha

    Now let's see...

  • - [FIX] Sprite: loading an image from file now updates the collision mask.

    <img src="">

  • [quote:1w9wociq][FIX] Image Manipulator: set r/g/b actions now take values instead of colour parameters

    Whats the difference? I mean its still 0 to 255, right?

    Anyway thanks for more awesomenes'sss!

  • It was a colour parameter before, not a 0-255 value.

  • YES! My cap works! It finally-

    *Discovers that he can't save the cap*


  • Whoa, new build out of nowhere

    Awesome, downloading now...

  • "Autoplay Resource" isn't working (Xaudio2 object). My .wav files show up in the "sound" section but when I check my event sheet the resource pulldown menu is blank. Same thing for music.

    If I remove all of my resource sounds and music and delete every event that cues them I can run my .cap and save, but if I leave any of them in it crashes (probably just can't find them).

    This happens with both my old .caps and any new file that I try to make...

  • nice work guys. I really like this new create object change, much usefulness!

  • I think it's possible sound and music resources don't work well yet.

  • I think it's possible sound and music resources don't work well yet.

    Sounds added to the Sound folder don't show up in the dropdown as resources when making an action to play it.

    I noticed that in .99.2 earlier today, and in .99.3 it's the same thing. That may be why .caps made in 98.9 or prior are failing in .99.2 and above.

    (FAKE EDIT: Seems this is confirmed, Candescence was having trouble saving his .cap, and after removing the sounds from the Sound folder he was able to save his .cap without any problems.)

    Also, there seems to be something up with collisions. See CharmyBee's Ghost Shooter clone here. Start the .cap and walk down towards the bottom edge of the layout, avoiding all "monsters." The player's health will begin to deplete even when not touching a monster, so either there are objects that aren't rendering or there is something up with collisions.

    (REAL EDIT: Actually, it might just be the .cap. I haven't found any evidence elsewhere that collisions are messed up.)

  • Use external resources for now then I guess.

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  • holy crap HOLY CRAP


    The rotation is fixed... the platforms are fixed... everything that was wrong with it is fixed! Even the max fall speed is fixed! Now Vern falls too slowly though

    So awesome. Time to get back to work!

    Thanks for the update guys, you rock.

    Edit: Ah, crap. Platform School isn't working now . New bug that's triggering "Has wall to left/right" when running into the side of a Platform Attribute object. It's making the turtles jump when they shouldn't be.

    Oh well, bug report time...

  • I found two things to look at.

    One is the minimap, in ver 098.9 the cap below works fine.

    In 0.99.3 the minimap has random graphic crap in it. I checked this on my home computer and work computer both do the same.

    I found a work around for it, Just add a clear terrain first before you add the other minimap commands.

    Two a sprite problem. It can also be seen in the above cap.

    The Wall sprite (green) at the top also the one at the bottom of the play area. The Wall should be covered by the WallCover . This worked right in ver 098.9 But in the 0.99.3 the clear box part is still under the WallCover but the green part is offset above it.

    In the Wall properties the Angle is set to -90.

    I found if you set the Angle to 90 seems to fix this problem.

  • Yes, there is a problem where angle is between (including) -180 and -45. It's been reported already.

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