Construct 0.99.3 released (unstable)

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  • Remember to post all bugs on the tracker if you haven't already!

  • Oops, I forgot

    I'll do it now!

  • 1) Will bone behaviour be fixed? There's a prob with a multiplying bone animated objects but I heard one guy posted the bug on tracker already. This prob needs a fix anyway, it's a highest priority question for those who wants to make games with bone animated enemies.

    2) Another question: why don't you create redo function aside of undo?

    3) And the third question: will you make platform behaviour compatible with the physics behaviour? I mean make a "platform behaviour" object(like a character) collide with "physics behaviour" object(like a box).

  • The bone duplicating bug has been submitted already, I've been waiting for that one to be fixed too. I'm sure it will be solved by 1.0 as the developers have said they're trying to fix most bugs by then.

  • [quote:xqgch25g]3) And the third question: will you make platform behaviour compatible with the physics behaviour? I mean make a "platform behaviour" object(like a character) collide with "physics behaviour" object(like a box).

    You can do this with events, or you can make a platforming engine for your player with physics.

  • Deadeye, that's not a solution: that can cause a lot more obstacles than making platform behaviour interact with physics behaviour. The best way is to make an "interact with physcis" option so the coder can choose whether use it or not.

  • Well, I don't think the "best way" is likely to happen, it's been suggested before.

    To interact with physics objects, a platform object would basically have to have a physics engine as well. It goes well beyond the scope of what the platform behavior is meant to do. It's too specialized and complex an addition, and it wouldn't benefit the majority of users.

    Therefore I suggest you create your own solution to the problem. The means are there, you just have to do it yourself.

  • ...and it wouldn't benefit the majority of users...

    You think so?

  • Only a handful of people have attempted physics platformers. It's a rather unique feature that the majority of users won't need. Unique circumstances call for unique solutions, not general solutions.

    If only a few people are going to use it, then why spend the time to develop a full-fledged feature, when the same thing can be accomplished on the user's end as the need arises?

    It's an out of the ordinary request that would cause the developers a headache and it only has a limited use. It's not likely to happen.

  • It makes movement more problematic. Anyway I'm more concentrated on bones - I've made my own helper system to make char move freely, but cloning objects makes me sad - I couldn't find a good solution for that.

  • You're free to attempt such a behavior using the SDK yourself (we can provide both behaviors if you wish) or to get it developed by a third party; it's a big enough job that I doubt we'd do it any time soon.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmm, sounds nice! Maybe bones too?

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  • I think a physics platform movement (among others, like a physics car movement etc) would be useful to users. But it would be difficult and time consuming to complete. I don't think we'll do that before 1.0, since it's more important the core is stable, and I think it's possible to do a custom physics movement engine with events, so it's not impossible.

    As for bone bugs, bug Davo about them, it's his plugin

  • Aha, ok... Could you provide me bone behaviour please? Really wanna take a look!Maybe my friends can do smth about "cloning" issue... As for physics, that's not quite urgent, just a suggestion, main prob for me is "bone behaviour".

  • seems like a lot is getting done. great job. but the release number is inscreasing awfully fast. .98.9 to .99.3? you'll get to 1.00.0 if youre not careful xD. hopefully a stable version soon?

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