Construct 0.99.3 released (unstable)

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  • when I right click on object bar and click "Show Object Tree" the bar goes grey, It does not respond to RMB click and I basically can do nothing to change it back save for reloading cap.

    am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

    It's a bug, but it's also do to an unused/unfinished feature, so I wouldn't worry about it

  • So are pitch and yaw still not working with 3dboxes? Because I was hoping to update the Standard Waiver engine for a possible sequel I've been thinking about.

  • I'm getting a crash/inability to save when I have a sound of any kind in the resources. What confuses me is this though in the changelog:

    "- [FIX] A crash when loading an application which had sound resources (caused verifier to crash, therefore saving crashed too)"

    It seems to be the exact problem but it remains for me in 0.99.3.

  • Confirmed the crash. There's no tracker item for it, do you want to post the bug report, or shall I?

    At any rate there is another known issue regarding sound resources. Even if you were able to save the .cap with sounds in the Sound folder, you wouldn't be able to use them anyway because the resource list doesn't show up in any XAudio2 actions. The workaround for now is to load external sounds. Rich is working on it.

  • Ashley just posted this in chat, regarding 0.99.4:

    [quote:n4245kh7](18:16:48) Ashley: - [FIX] Could not save applications with a music resource

    So hey, there you go

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  • Cool!

    As long as I can have internal sounds later. I just prefer it.

  • Have we got an ETA for the next release?

  • Sorry, it looks like us devs are all a bit busy this summer! But don't worry, we should have a new build out in a couple of weeks with bug fixes.

  • One question: will there be flash support? This is very important to me.

  • how could there be flash support?

  • Check "Feature Requests".

  • I think at one time there was some mention of the possibility of exporting to .swf...


    Yep, thanks Android Music:

  • One question: will there be flash support? This is very important to me.

    I don't remember who pointed this out to me, but:

    haven't tried it yet, but looks promising

  • I think swf import could be also very useful, especially if you wanna import a 60 fps high quality animation but don't wanna make your game size horribly large. I've met this situation once when I wanted to import my 3d spaceship landing animation but I had to reduce the ship size and set the framerate to 12 fps. Lucid, I saw a thread about flixel on Newgrounds recently. Yeah, looks very promising.

  • the construct devs are obviously programming magicians, but I think the Swf thing wouldn't be a 1.0 feature, it seems really involved, especially since you don't just mean opening and converting to sprites, you mean vector art, which has been suggested many times

    if you're richer than me, you could hire someone to develop a plugin for it, I know theres a lot of software that imports or exports flash, so it's not a rare skill

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