Construct 0.94.3 released

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    Fixes a few of the last bugs introduced by the new renderer in 0.94, as well as new Bumpmapping (using normal maps) and Heightmapping (using height maps) effects, as demonstrated in this thread. Wiki article on these effects can be found here. Here's the full changelog:


    • [ADD] New Shake behavior to shake objects
    • [ADD] Ability to disable fade on startup
    • [FIX] Moonwalking in 8 direction movement
    • [FIX] Car movement 'Is moving' now also true when reversing
    • [FIX] Platform movement gravity direction & glitches corrected - should all be working fine now!
    • [FIX] Fade can now be activated after already used

    Event Sheet Editor

    • [FIX] System now shows in Vista when families are used
    • [FIX] Objects without conditions or actions no longer shown
    • [FIX] Objects order correctly when adding actions/conditions/expressions


    • [ADD] Bumpmapping and heightmapping shaders (see wiki article)
    • [FIX] Object information dialog

    Layout Editor

    • [ADD] Keyboard shortcuts to select and unselect, and invert selection, CTRL+A, CTRL+U, CTRL+I
    • [FIX] Grid now shows again (new rendering system broke it)
    • [FIX] Objects are sorted alphabetically again in insertion dialog

    Picture editor

    • [FIX] Hotspot/image point tools now display again
    • [FIX] Magic wand tool
    • [FIX] Selection boxes now show


    • [ADD] Window plugin
    • [ADD] Registry plugin
    • [FIX] Texture issues with 3D box
    • [FIX] Memory leak creating/destroying text objects


    • [FIX] Artefacts on object edges caused by new renderer
    • [FIX] Memory issues causing incorrect returns for 'gettoken' expression
    • [FIX] Surfaces bug causing layer glitches (new renderer again)
    • [FIX] Crash mixing 'Pick random' and behaviours

    Script Editor

    • [ADD] Snippets bank (/Snippets/ subfolder) to insert common code
    • [FIX] Tabs not showing in Event Sheet Editor
  • Very Good!

    Very Fast!

    I love this

  • Awesome! Work on "All Puce" can now begin!

  • Ups!

    When i put a Sprite, and a 3d Box, the 3d box, change the graphic to the graphic sprite!

    I use Vista Home Premium!

  • WOW...

    I was Just about to post about some of those problems when suddenly, Construct told me that there was an update...

    Beautiful. Excellent work Ashley... You're the Man Now Dog!

  • Ups!

    When i put a Sprite, and a 3d Box, the 3d box, change the graphic to the graphic sprite!

    I use Vista Home Premium!

    Not for me

    Im using Windows XP

  • [ADD] Registry plugin [/code:1kswc8a8]
    this is great    thanks
  • Sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg... nice update! Can't wait to try it out.

    Thanks, Ashley!

  • Just messed around a little with the new version.

    Really great work again Ashley!

  • Yay, bumpmapping!

  • mmm ... yummay!

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  • Here's an article explaining the new effects in detail.

  • i dont know if this was already a bug or not but.

    the 3d box wont show the different face textures. i had all the seperate faces a different color in the layout editor but it only showed the same color on all faces in runtime.

  • Noticed something on the front page just now as I was downloading .94.3:

    (Nothing to see here, everything is fine...)

  • What? No it doesn't. Never did, either!

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