100+ dollars to anyone who fixed event sheet copy?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I would definately be willing to donate 100 dollars to the person who can fix the bug (or finish the feature) so that Construct 0.x users could safely copy and paste event sheets from one CAP file to another.

    1) Would anyone be willing to take on this task?

    2) Would anyone else care to sweaten the deal by also offering a reward on top of mine?

    This to me is the last and only great obstacle to Construct 0.x becoming not only a viable big-project game authoring tool, but also the BEST for 2d hands down. I would not have abandoned the Construct made version of my game if I could collaborate with other Construct users.


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  • I don't know if anyone's willing to do that, especially with C2 "out". However, you can run to instances of C1.

  • Yes, but you CAN'T copy an event sheet from one, and then paste it into the other without fatal bugs popping up. This is what Construct needs.

    The fact that Construct 2 has bugun has nothing to do with how Construct 1 is ALREADY extremely useable and powerful EXCEPT for this one glaring problem, turning it from the best 2d game authoring software ever made into a painfully limited software useful only for super small teams with only one "programmer"

  • I've managed to copy events without error. However, that was only once and every time afterwards I've ran into issues, like objects suddenly disappearing.

  • Right, this is what I'd pay 100 dollars to have fixed.. maybe if other people would donate too, someone could fix it and then Construct 0.x could be used for full blown Indy projects involving a proper sized team of developers. (at least it would allow two construct users to work on the same project at the same time)

  • I wonder - C2 has this fundry thing going on now. Since C1 is now left to open source developers, maybe a fundry should be made for that as well? To give an idea of what we really want to be worked on so C1 stays alive, and give developers a concrete goal.

    Just a thought. What do you think?

  • I think its a good idea, but I'm also a little dissapointed (not in people obviously, just the situation) at the general lack of response to this thread. I guess most curent Construct users are already fine with being forced to do all the "coding" alone.

    Still I really think Construct 0.x could become very popular among all new users if this one major issue were fixed. In fact I plan on paying a good amount of money to get a plug in made for Construct 0.x to support my Spriter (My sprite animating tool http://www.brashmonkey.com ),

    But I will only do this if this copy/paste of event sheet and frames is fixed first.

  • I think the lack of response is more that people have pushed for this in the past and been told that it was nearly impossible. If you do some forum searches you will find quite a bit of discussion. That being said, I would love to see the capability (even though I work by myself) and would be willing to match your $100. Problem is, I think this is more of a $10000 type issue to solve.

    I do think there should be a fundry for C1. It is an excellent idea...Ashley?

  • At this point in time Construct 0.x has a few requirements in order to have any progress in work.

    The limitations for making plugins is pretty much solved, but in order to do any major changes to Construct itself your still going to need the Profuis libs which are not exactly available to everyone.

    Perhaps it would be better to offer money for someone to yank that out, and or make corrections to the program that would allow for that kind of editing.

  • Whats the best solution to get these libs availible for everyone? Or did you mean yanked out so they are no longer used at all? How big a job is that as well?

  • newt is right: using the Prof-UIS libs was a big mistake for us, because you have to pay for a license to use it (about �200 IIRC), which is an instant turn off to 99% of open source developers. We've fixed this in C2 which doesn't use any paid libs.

    The Prof-UIS libs are used only in the editor - so third party developers can build the runtime and any of the plugins without paying anything - just not the editor.

    I can set up a fundry for 0.x, but the Prof-UIS licenses would probably just kill it - $100 is half way to a license for one developer, without leaving anything to actually motivate the developer.

    Also, the event sheet pasting issue could be completed, but it would probably be buggy even when done, due to the codebase issues outlined in the open letter. Also, $100 would pay for about five hours work reasonably, but I'd estimate there's at least 50 hours work in the job... and I'm kept pretty busy by university and developing C2, so I don't think I have time to take on the job myself.

    Removing the Prof-UIS libs from 0.x is a rewrite level job which is basically being done already in C2!

    Soo... that's the situation. Sorry if it's disappointing. It's a bit tricky. C2 is having this kind of thing built in from the start anyway - it will take a long time for C2 to catch up with 0.x in maturity, but the situation is basically the same as the open letter: 0.x is a huge mess, we're fixing things like this in C2, and we don't have time to do both. So we're pretty much cornered and I think the best way out is just go 100% with C2.

  • Well, you can copy "some" things from a .cap to another.

    It's possible to have parallel work at some level. You can work in separated trunks and then merge then in a final version.

    Of course theres some problems.

    #You can copy some objects from one cap to another (I've tried sprites, tilesets and text)

    • but it won't copy container informations, you'll have to relink.
    • if you copy a lot of objects you can't paste then in the same position,it will be all messed up, So if you design a level and positioned all the collision blocks and enemies you can't copy then in the same position.
    • I got major bugs trying to copy XAudio2 and Keyboard, so now I just recreate this 2 when merging caps.

    #You can copy list of events from one cap to another.

    • but if any of the events makes reference to a non-existing object it will certainly crash Construct.

    #You can't copy layouts.

    #You can't copy event sheets.(although you can copy the events inside the event sheet).

  • That you know of. It might cause other issues you don't know about. If you're working on a big game, I don't recommend trying it.

  • Ashley, Does this mean you own the rights to the libs and don't plan on using them? Could you donate your rights to the libs to another person if they take the job?

    It's very good to know how much work is involved. I'm hoping others will also offer to donate and make it work while for someone...especially someone who might also want this feature for their own construct use.

    Maybe if we also pledged some percent of any sales proffit from the eventual games made in construct 0.x to whomever fixes this issue....?

  • People regularly say they'll pay us a percentage of profit made from Construct creations, but I've never seen any of that money, so I'm afraid that's not something that interests me much.

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