100+ dollars to anyone who fixed event sheet copy?

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  • Ashley: don't be sad

    it's probably because nobody till now has earned anything from construct creations

  • Yeah, realistically that would have to be considered as a "possible bonus" instead of a sure thing.. HOWEVER it would be much more likely proffitible games would be made with Construct 0.x IF this issue were fixed.

    Also, as I said, IF this were fixed, I'd pay someone to make a plug-in to support my sprite Animating tool Spriter... this should also help get more people using Construct as well.

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  • Given the likelihood of someone fixing C0.x, versus the ease of porting your animator to C2, or even the likelihood of C2 getting a exe exporter... I would put my money on C2.

    Hell you probably wouldn't even need to pay someone to port it. If you were smart enough to make the animator, your smart enough to figure out the scripting for its plug, and the ideal person to do it I might add.

  • It is true I could hold out for Construct 2, but it will take a long time for the features and functionality to match or even come close to Construct and all its plugins.

    I was hoping that this was a fix someone could make in a matter of weeks or a few months...

    Plus there's the fact that Construct 0.x is definately free.

  • I think if there is a bit more work done on V1 still that would be great. Recently i needed some things for Window object -

    Condition - Has Moved?

    Condition - Is Resizing?

    I need those for a app i made to update the display better, not sure if that will ever get added now but hopefully simple updates like that are possible.

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