Super Coin Clicker [C3 Game]

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  • Hi,

    Checkout our prototype for a simple, classic style clicker game. This game was just a little test project for us. Made with Construct 3.

    Designed for mobile devices, but works on desktop too. No download needed, play in browser.

    Just click the coin and keep upgrading shop items. If you keep clicking fast enough you will unlock "boost mode", where you get more score.


    Feedback is welcome.



  • i just clicked that longer than i thought i would, good job!

  • Good to have the voice feedback, and the style looks clean. I was on the desktop and almost broke my mouse left button :)

  • Great job. You should destroy (On Start of Layout) the floating objects that are just sitting there.

  • Thanks for the great feedback everyone.

    Oh! Thanks for pointing that out! Game was designed for mobile devices so we didn't notice those objects there. Got to remember to destroy all those useless objects in the future games. :)

  • Haha, I never understood what's so 'fun' about clicker games. To me that's not a game, but a ticket to repetitive strain injury, lol.

    Yet they're amazingly popular on the app stores. I guess it's like any other game. You imagine yourself to be someone, gain something until you either reach the end of the game, or that moment when it's back to do stuff in real life. :P

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  • I think there is an inherent thing in human nature that makes gaining something feel good, even if it´s just a number going up.

  • Hey! That's quite cool!

    I decided to get back to Construct after a few years to build a prototype of a clicker myself.

    MAYBE if it works I'll also set up a template, so I'm trying to be as agnostic as possible (but also moving fast since it's still a prototype).

    I'm trying to figure out a few things and I'm about to go on vacation, but send me a message if you're interested in sharing knowledge ;)

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