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  • https://igalencar.itch.io/quasar

    Already migrated to Construct 3

    The main idea is to get a mix from games that populated heavy my childhood.

    Drednought Factor



    In the year 2056, earth was facing several problems with superpopulation and hunger.

    Technology have evolved in a way that our civilization had already reached the stars, but we still lack the main force that could not only solve all our planets problems but also could lead us to a new form of travel and to be able to colonize the deep space and go far beyond.

    The main force was energy, and the solution was Quasar.

    Quasar is a energy source that exist in our universe that ha potential to have a galaxy inside its core, it was always controversial to try to create this type of energy also to be able to harvest.

    But when mankind was able to create a Quasar in a controlled environment, it was natural that others civilizations that was always watching us but never interfere, to make a stand and try to remove that type of power from our hands.

    So they obliterated mankind listening post at alpha centaury, on they way to reach our solar system.

    Not everything was lost, a small cruiser with a prototype ship that has a new type of hull that can change became our only hope, this ship was not designed for combat, but is the ony that has a early prototype power source, that is Quasar based.

    Even not being a military post this ship was target, and now not only we have to adapt the new reality but also survive to make a stand, and prevent our civilization of total destruction.

    And now, you are here.

    You are the pilot.

    You hold the Quasar power.

    Im still preparing all the basics for each player ship, to make the leves.

    Hope you all enjoy.

  • Cannot play it on a PC using Keyboard and mouse.

  • I have updated with new ship selection and others things...

    REMEMBER this is a working progress yet.

    arrows to control

    up to boost

    down to reduce speed

    space for special

    cntrol fire

  • Tons of new stuff...

    New screen and select ship screens

  • pretty cool- i like all the different ship models. and the effects are really cool-

  • Having problems with diferent fire types, but lets see by the end of the day how it goes.

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  • Completly changed ship movement to a asteroids type of movement...

    Whant to have something like this:


    But still quite not there yet.

  • Nice graphics!

    How large is this game? It was showing "Loading" screen for so long, that I thought it froze. You should add some kind progress indication.

  • The game is preaty large.. i got 23 levels..

    But as i said still finishing up the spaceship movement

  • No I meant in megabytes.

    I know my internet is slow, but it was loading at least 4-5 minutes...

  • still not optmized .. i have HUGE graphics..

    A lot of BIG spaceships

  • Yeah, after you export your project, open Images folder and sort images by size.

    When I did this with my game I found several huge sprites which I forgot to delete or resize and managed to reduce the size of my project by 30%.

    Also if you have very big images, you should enable compression for them, this will greatly reduce their size:

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1154/d ... h-pngquant

  • New update FOlks.

    New movement, new interface, new behavior for enemies and ship.

    Friendly fleet.

    CNTRL to fire

    Arows to steer and acelerate

    Space to fire special.

    Still a long way to finish up the gameplay, and level 1.

    But we are getting there

  • Finaly removed some bugs from previous experiments.. and started organizing the images files.

    Also put the minimap ok now just need to put the friendly fleet ok.

    Also put a new AI for enemies now.. so they not only attack my ship but also the fleet.. even to be able to destroy them.

  • Played a little bit, great graphics and enemies, frantic play. I like the minimap (I hope you will add a little juice to it over time.)

    When I 'died', the ship disappeared, but I did not lose a ship, I could still fire, but ship was not visible and I could not move.

    Keep up the good progress!

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