Quasar Dev-Log

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  • Yes still loads of bugs.. but im getting there

  • Reduced the files to 50%, using tinypng.

    Also got minimap done...

  • Enemy fighter work now as a squadron, and also one fires and moves diferent fron another to simulate diferent types of pilots.

    Friendly fleet now takes damage and get distroyed.

    For friendly ship not respaw, refresh and it will work still working on that bug.

  • 12 diferent new dreadnoughts and 23 new enemy types.

    levels from 1 to 10 done.

    17 to go

  • Last update before Global GJ

    Redone the backgrounds.

    Improved ai for enemie ships..

    Boosted a little bit the dificulty.

    If someone could try play .. i need a good feedback of the gameplay.

    Once again, arow keys control ship

    Control fire

    Space special

  • Improvements of the minimap.

    boss fight is now active.

    improved ai of the enemy fighters.

  • Dude , slow down. You are making the rest of us look bad !

    I will check ur geme out tonight.... its lookin hot...

  • Dude , slow down. You are making the rest of us look bad !

    I will check ur geme out tonight.... its lookin hot...


    im runing against the clock, i need the game ready to release in the second half of 2018

  • New Build.

    Downgrade a little bit of enemy fighter because all my friends told me that the were TOO DAM HARD!!

    also got a new minimap bug, and put controller support.

  • New Build

    Improved control.

    Even improved enemy fights...

    Downgraded a little bit the boss fight.

    New explosions effects (need improve), Thanks NetOne.

    To do this Carnival...

    I will be doing multiplayer using Scirra signal server... first for pvp and later if possible to coop.

    Any sugestions will be welcome.

  • is it still https://igalencar.itch.io/quasar ?

    there is still an issue with the player ship is not re-spawning.

    also i think it is still too hard for a first level. the player is swamped too much too soon.

    however most importantly I think there is a fundamental game-play problem

    your game is like a modern asteroids. But in asteroids the enemies (most) do not fire. only the player is firing and dodging the asteroids which are moving slowly enough to be avoided with skill.

    but you have enemy ships moving fast and firing very fast projectiles which are impossible to avoid.

    either you need to slow everything down or

    there needs to be a game play feature where I can swiftly dodge the enemy bullets or maybe reflect them back to different enemies.

    or I am playing wrong ? maybe I couldn't test properly because I did not re-spawn

    can you post some game-play video showing developer pro skills getting through this level cos possible I am just a noob

  • Nice work so far, the music rocks!

    Here is some quick feedback.

    • The game was pretty difficult for me, I would suggest having multiple levels and start the player going against 1 ship, then with each new level increase the number of opponents and things happening on the screen. I think players would enjoy the ramping difficulty and feeling of progressively getting better.
    • The buttons could use some visual/audio feedback, hover/click states would help a lot. They were static when I played and it was confusing to get through the main menu.
    • Add a loading bar or load complete % to the load screen, the game took a minute or two to load up for me and I thought it may have been broken.

    Keep up the good work

  • Added correct cutscene and layout transitions.

    Adjusted dificulty, (is not perfect yet)

    improved images

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  • Solved some cutscenes issues, improved explosion effects and gameplay issues.

    solved the minimap problem.

    Solved boss batle.

    Im proud to anounce that quasar was selected for BRING


    So my little game will be displayed at the show!

  • Just Uploaded the build that i have made for the BRING festival..

    I disable the keyboard support now is only joystick, (i will re-add the keyboard support latter on).

    Improved gameplay, and other minor bugs solved

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