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  • Topdown bullet hell shooter that takes place inside of an military training simulacrum

    Test your different tactical and reflexive abilities against a plethora of different thematic enemies for each arena you're fighting on. The first one (that will be shipped with the future free demo) being space-time themed; with enemies utilizing temporal and vacuum skills and guns. Every single gun in the game is not only utilizable but customizable as well; with 5 mod slots for each one (one of them being exclusive to such weapon). You can grab from the ground after being lucky enough for an enemy to drop it, along with some ammo boxes.

    So far there are 11 guns implemented in the game (with tons of mods; but currently not accessible in this public build), 12 different foes and many crazy interactions of effects and mods (weapon mods - minus the special slot - are all interchangeable and interact with each other; such as the Split Barrel, that multiplies the current weapons Multishot attribute per 3, and so on).

    Graphics are placeholders as I am yet to hire a freelance pixel art animator, and the scenario (and items) are being made by a friend of mine in the team.

    Feel free to test it and give your feedback, as it's being constantly (every single day) updated!

    Controls and instructions are in the "Instructions" section of the page:

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