Moon Inc Road to the moon (New Game)

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  • Hi, I introduce myself I'm Marco Co-founder of Kevin Alf Designs, in this message I want you to see our first Moon Inc game based on HTML5. take a look or it will not take more than 5 minutes. Attached we will also leave you a demo to try the game if you are interested.

    In this game our mission to take a rocket to the moon with the small obstacle of not having money, in the game we start with a wooden rocket and little by little we will have to collect coins and money from investors to transform our rocket into all A spaceship capable of reaching the moon. This game is not about flying and players must maneuver and avoid airplanes, balloons and space shuttles while at the same time trying to take coins.

    The game tries to challenge the players to finish due to the positive psychological effect that occurs when we update the rocket, but as there are many updates the player will feel obliged to buy all the rocket updates to make him feel fulfilled. The game guarantees between 8 and 4 hours of play depending on how well the player manages the money.


    Up Arrow: Accelerate

    Right arrow: Turn right

    Left arrow: Turn left

    Esc: pause

    Mouse Click: to control the interface

    Resolution: 640x480

    Available for Windows7, Linux, Mac and HTML5 and if you wish we can adapt it to android.

    The demo only allows you to play some games and you will have some initial money to see more or less what the game is about :)

    To be starting in the world of video game development, we will be selling licenses at a very low cost. 

    Exclusive license $ 350

    If you are interested in buying a non-exclusive license or bid for the exclusive license, please respond to this message with your offer.

    Demo Link:!66YmAQQS!lTWVJPdrcCZ4WsgBu7GhmKQ7WLhqeDo4X5NTVEdZl6A


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  • I'll be honest with you. I'd like to test the game, but the url.. isn't that a file upload website? If you had a direct link to demo on your own website, or Kongregate or something.. I'd give it a try.

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