Mage Tower - A simple RPG Style Tower Climber

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  • Hi all!

    Hope you are doing well. I have been a hobby user of Construct for a year or so now but never really shared anything I have made so figured I would start now with a link to a simple RPG tower climber game I made.

    I also just posted a link to another recent creation showcasing the orbit behavior

    "Mage Tower", very cleverly named, uses some amount of physics combined with a stand in place mage that requires you to use gestures to use her spells. One nuance (which I am annoyed at in hindsight for not making it differently) is that your "swipe" gestures must originate from the Mage... so swipe up for the big move that hits the whole board, left and right for some big fireballs, and down for a "burning floor". If you clear all the portals and the skeletons, you will climb to the next floor which will be harder. I don't know that I have ever made it past the 5th floor :).

    I particularly enjoyed crafting a cooldown system for the spells and the overlays for the spells indicating the cool down. I used the Drawing Canvas feature to do this.

    Let me know what you think!

    Also, while I only have 1 video so far posted on YouTube, I decided in covid times it would be an additional fun hobby while working so much from home to take a break. I am going to do a series of "Make a game in 10 minutes" challenges featuring behaviors from Construct 3. Feel free to check it out and subscribe if you are inclined, would make my day if you do!

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