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  • Hey, guys!

    I released a touch-friendly dpad template for free on itchio: 🕹DPad Template for Construct 3

    c3p file, sprites, and .ase file are included

    - - -

    What the hell is this?

    This is a free Construct 3 project with a touch-friendly 🕹DPad controller.

    This C3 project is very tiny so that you can easily add it to your existing or new project.

    It only uses ~15 lines of events, the Touch behavior, one variable for debugging, and the new built-in function.

    Ok, but why?

    I'm currently building my 2nd game which a cute 2D platformer called Baby Dino Adventures.

    A lot of people are expecting the game to be released on mobile, so I started to make it touch-friendly. I really wanted a DPad controller for the game, so I started creating one, and here we are.. 😄

    So, what's included?

    Downloadable zip file contains:

    1. a .c3p file which you can use with Construct 3 to try the demo, and copy/paste code/assets into a new/existing C3 project;
    2. a .ase file which you can open in Aseprite to see/edit DPad sprites;
    3. a .gif file which is an export of the .ase file in case you don't own Aseprite, and want to edit DPad sprites;
    4. all exported DPad sprites as transparent png's.

    Final words

    I hope those assets will help you.

    I know it's not a lot stuff included, but I really wanted to keep it as simple as possible so that you can use it straightforward into your Construct 3 projects effortlessly.


    – Antoine

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