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  • Mission Update:

    CyberDuck! Wake up, we have a situation! A top-secret Artificial Intelligence has escaped containment and slipped into the network. Intel suggests the Rogue A.I has united the crime syndicates and taken over as leader. Its calling itself GODBOT. A crime wave is sweeping the city as GODBOT strives to take control!

    Find GODBOT and DESTROY it.


    Ive been working on this game for a little while now. It's very much a work in progress but they say its a good idea to promote your game from the earliest stages, so Ill start posting about development from now on.

    The game is using the C3 runtime and Im trying to keep it all Construct official plugins as much as possible.

    CyberDuck is an action / puzzle platformer. You can collect weapons and unlock different characters. Target platforms are Android, iOS, Facebook Instant Games and probably Steam. Would love to try for Xbox but Im not sure if it will be possible. Game Page: Devlog:


    Playable Demo

    Demo now available on (html5):

    You can play it using keyboard on a desktop / laptop, or using touch on a touch-enabled device. Controller support coming at some point.

    Game Progress

    Some fun with exploding crates.

    Weapon types / shell casings.

    Getting some loot out of a vending machine.

  • FYI CyberDuck is a Mallard. See the resemblance?

  • oof, I don't know if I can compete with this, looks fantastic.

  • Your game super dungeon delvers is awesome. You have boss fights and everything happening!

  • Dam both games are great and now both include ducks!

  • Experimenting with a firelock for touch controls. The fire button can slide upwards into a locked position putting the weapon into full auto and releasing the player's thumb to allow easier jumping while firing.

    Hopefully this solves a gameplay problem where you'd ideally like to be firing off shots while jumping around but it's tricky to be alternately touching the jump and fire buttons.

    The firelock can be deactivated simply by tapping the fire button when firelock is engaged (quick release) or by sliding the fire button down to it's default position.

    Just have to keep an eye on ammo / energy because you burn through it pretty quickly with full auto engaged.

  • That's a cool feature!

  • Firelock - great idea for mobile UI. The style reminds me a little of Duck Game, which is a good thing, made me laugh a little just on seeing the duck with a gun.

  • Thanks guys! Hopefully firelock is easy / intuitive to use. Ill be keen to hear some feedback on that once I have a demo up.

    I'd not heard of Duck Game before. It looks quirky! I like it. Im trying to get a funny / quirky vibe in CyberDuck because I have a theory that it will improve the chances of the game being featured in iTunes, GooglePlay etc.

    I love towerfall which has similar multiplayer gameplay to Duck Game. I would actually really like to make a multiplayer game of that type myself. I didn't have plans to do that with CyberDuck... but now you've put that idea in my head... :|

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  • Been working on a custom controls system for the keyboard.

    The player can assign new keys and save the new control scheme.

    If a selected key was already bound to another action, the previously bound key is set to unbound and must be assigned a new key before the scheme can be saved.

  • Hi Artpunk

    Game looks fantastic. Love the affect you have on the gems when you destroy the boxs. How did you get them to bounce like that.

  • Hi Artpunk

    Game looks fantastic. Love the affect you have on the gems when you destroy the boxs. How did you get them to bounce like that.

    Hi METR1C The bounce on the loot is using the bullet behaviour in combination with an instance variable to control how many times it can bounce (only once).


    Heres a .c3p to show how its working.

    So when a crate is destroyed it spawns some loot. Crates have an instance variable which determines the kind of loot, it can be random, a low value coin, high value gem, or an item like a health increment or ammo.

    On creation loot has bullet behaviour enabled and its speed and angle set to propel it upwards. Some randomisation is added to the speed and angle to create variation.

    When loot collides with the tilemap for the first time, an instance variable is incremented by 1 and its angle is set to 270 (straight up) and speed to 105. So all loot bounces the same way.

    When loot collides with tilemap the second time the bullet behaviour is disabled and speed is set to 0.

    An additional condition re-positions the loot to appear exactly on top of the tilemap, because when the bullet behaviour is disabled the loot items are often overlapping the platform tiles by several pixels, giving the appearance of being half below the platform.. So a conditon is needed that ensures the loot sits nicely on top of the platform.

    The same system is used to control bouncing of shell casings from the players weapon too.

    Originally I had this working using the physics behaviour. That worked really nicely as well. The bounces looked really realistic but I decided it was overkill to use physics just for some bouncing coins, so I ended up doing it with the bullet behaviour.

    Hope that makes sense?

  • Hi Artpunk

    Thank you so much for the reply and the file. I really wanst expecting such a detailed and helpful response. Very much appreciated - looking forward to seen more on CyberDuck

  • This game is looking really good. Very impressive! Great job!

  • This game is looking really good. Very impressive! Great job!

    Hey man thanks for the positive feedback. What are you working on at the moment? Is beast attack still killing it for you?

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