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  • Working on a platformer. Should be nearly done soon. Releasing this spring or summer. Football Dash is doing okay these days.

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  • Just an update to say I finally got a demo up on

    Link is in the first post of this thread, but Ill put it here too:

    Hope it's fun.

  • Pretty happy with how these elevators for the Slum Tenement levels turned out.

    You can ride on the top of them but dont get caught underneath or you'll get squished.

  • Hey dude, i tried this game, it is very good, when you plan to the final release?

    Can you share your code for the elevator mechanic?

    Thanks you :)

  • Hey man thanks, I have no idea about a release time. I have to build all the levels and improve artwork. Still a lot to do. Id like to have it finished and published by the end of the year but not certain.


    Here's a basic example to point you in the right direction: basicElevator_artpunk.c3p

    In a nutshell the elevators use bullet and solid behaviours and a container to group a jumpthru object that gets pinned to the ceiling and another object pinned under the floor that kills player if he gets caught underneath.

    Containers are great because you only need to position the elevator object in the level and the other container objects are automatically created. You just need events to position and pin them.

    The movement is controlled by instance variables. On start of layout, instance.var 'positionY' is set to be self.Y. Instance.var 'distance' is manually set in the layout. So if you want the elevator to travel 4 tiles on y axis enter 64 (4x16px tiles).

  • Thank you very much, it is helpfull

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