Rex's plugins for C3?

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  • semaso - if its not showing up, you either have already added it. or its a behavior, or you need to set your runtime to C3. If it IS already C3, then the plugin you added is only a C3 version but not C3 Runtime compatible.

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  • justifun I'm working on C3 and tried to find it in both versions ( browser and desktop )

    but useless , it is shown in the addon manager but I cam't figure out how to use it in my project , sorry I can't understand the last thing you said (then the plugin you added is only a C3 version but not C3 Run time compatible ) ??

    how it is c3 but not c3 compatible ?? so I just have to uninstall it ??

    and why they shared it if it is not compatible and not working ?? didn't they test it already ??

  • semaso - most of the plugins are made by 3rd party developers not Scirra. Rexrainbow, the creator of the rex_board plugin you are asking about, made all of them for C2 and C3 however not all of them work with the new C3 Runtime. (The newest fastest runtime available). You can see which runtime your project is currently set to by checking out the properties bar on the left hand side (with nothing currently selected) and then press "View" next to "Project Properties". In the new bar open the area called "Advanced" and in the "Runtime" Dropdown, try setting that to "Construct 2", and see if the plugin now shows up.

    I'm guessing you have the C3 (Construct 2 runtime) version installed, and not an updated C3 (C3 runtime) version.

  • semaso - Its the underlaying engine code that runs construct. The newest version has much better performance, but plugin makers need to convert their plugins to work with it properly. In the mean time you can still use the C2 runtime in C3, its just technically not as powerful. here's the blog post talking all about it.

  • Can you please convert rex_nickname and rex_Lz-string Plugin too?

    That would be really very helpful! Thank you again! :)

    I added to list. I will let you know when converted

  • I added to list. I will let you know when converted

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • could someone please fix a link with rex plugins, the download link is off

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