Rex's plugins for C3?

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  • The plugin SDK advises developers to look at native plugins for examples of how to work with the runtime. That was an old policy... and now the plugins in c3 are obfuscated so there is no way to do this. With a new runtime around the corner I am not sure how sensible it would be for a developer to contract into supporting a plugin in the blind like that.

  • Hello;

    I am sad to hear the news about Rex leaving (if it is true). I probably won't be using any non-official plugins anymore, just to be on the safe side.

    The same kind of thing happens in RPG maker whenever they have an update. Unless you are using the officially sanctioned addons (like yanfly) you are out of luck if it doesn't work.



  • >

    > > Construct 3 is really useless without firebase plugins... can anyone port / create firebase_leaderboard and firebase_realtime database plugins?

    > >

    > > I will $$ pay for that.

    > >

    > How much?


    I have no idea how much time it takes to convert those plugins so my estimate would be crafted from thin air

    What about 50$ per plugin? I need Leaderboard asap, item table later.

    PM me if you are looking for someone to convert plugins.

  • Seems like quite a few plugin developers have left the community, or are no longer supporting their old plugins. There's still quite a few popular ones that needs to be converted and I doubt that the Scirra team has time and manpower to do it all. And I doubt plugin developers are willing to do it for free.... soooo.... I was thinking...

    I would gladly pay for someone to convert plugins I rely on so maybe an indiegogo, or gofundme campaign or something similar would be good to get some cash to pay for someone with the right skills to do the conversion?

    * Is there any plugin devs on the forum, that has the skills, knowhow & time to do C3 versions, and feel they could do it if they got payed for their work?

    * Is there any game devs on the forum that are willing to pay to get a C3 version?

    Since it's a community after all, maybe if we all chip in, we can get the ball rolling if the only thing holding conversion back is financial. If we can get permissions from the original plugin creators to do a conversion of course, otherwize they should be built new from scratch, from available SDK's.

    I don't mind paying for plugins that I feel are missing.

    Maybe even a Patreon account also to be able to pay devs for maintenance of C3 plugins. If we as a Construct community could hire a full time developer to supply us with much needed plugins that would be awesome.

    Any takers?

    I’d be keen to help chip perhaps (depends how much and how many we need) in but only for the new C3 runtime.

  • i think rex has removed itself from c2

  • i guess rex has removed its service from c3

  • i think rex is not supported in c2 as well

  • Rex's C3 plugins stopped working now? Probably after some C3 update. They did work a month ago with the project I now tried to open again..

  • nope

  • Never mind, I found the link on Google's cache, here is if anyone else needs it:

  • Where I can download the MoveTo plugin for C3? This new forum removed all download links...

  • therealjack, still up for a paid plugin conversion? I need rexrainbow youtube video embedder, working for iOS and android. PM is not working, got to write it here, I beg everyone a pardon.

  • therealjack, still up for a paid plugin conversion? I need rexrainbow youtube video embedder, working for iOS and android. Drop me an email at per.atwood<at> please.

    PM is not working, got to write it here, I beg everyone a pardon.

  • I'd be willing to possibly pay somebody to convert Moveto to work with C3 runtime. (it's already converted for C3 itself, but not C3 runtime)

    Even though there's official tween behavior now, Moveto is too embedded in my project for me to want to do the work of changing all the things that use it.

    PM me how much and I will consider it. Might not have the money right away at the moment but my consideration is serious. :)

    Also, btw, if anybody isn't yet aware, Rex released the source code to his plugins:

    If this doesn't work out I'm gonna have to definitely stick to C2 for sure I'm afraid.

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  • Hi. I installed the Date addon but I cant add it to my projects to use it. Any idea why or how to fix this?

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