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  • Odd that admob just wont work for you.

    The only other thing that might be blocking you is GDPR compliance. If your app is not set to get permissions properly that will cause ads to not show, even test ads.

  • I think the problem is between admob and app, because it seems that there is difference between published app and not published. When I create app in admob, it asks for that and when I check not published, it gave me some code to include in my app, yet there is no form in enhance for that code. I believe that published app would work fine.

    Similar "problem" is imo for appodeal. When I type my app ID incorectly, it shows all ads but with text "app ID is incorrect". If I change ID to match my unpublished app ID, test ads wont show at all, but live ads do, which is strange.

    To sum this up, ads work, push notifications work, analytics work on both ios and android for me. And it is amazing because I dont have to develop different game for both systems, still using one C3 project. I will start testing IAP now.

    Only thing I miss is a condition like "rewarded ad is ready". I would like to show reward button only when Im sure there is filled ad. Or it can be done somehow and I just overlooked that? Thanks :)

    edit: Also the GDPR comply. I have it in my game, but it does not show any dialog for appodeal when I use "show services opt-in dialogs" after checking opt-in requirements (exactly like you have in doc on website).

  • From what I understand so far, if I only need Analytics for my app, I just need to upload my .ipa and APK file to Enhance server, linked up the ID from whichever Analytics I'm using to Enhance account?

    (In this case, I don't have to download Enhance plugins for C3 right? Only if I need the ads and IAP function then I need to download the plugin so that I can dictate the event execution?)

    Is there a Enhance logo attached to the icon?

    For signed release APK file, we have to upload the keystore file to Enhance server as well?

  • digitalvision - There is no "rewarded ad is ready" call. I do believe you can work the logic of the other calls. If the ad isn't filled, you wont grant your reward. To dive deeper into this, I would shoot us an email (support@enhance.co)

    asdzxc- If you are using any services that we support that are not labeled 'ZeroCode', you will have to get our Connector Library and place it in your project with the specific calls needed to support the services selected.

  • RozekEnhance - You need to update your C3 plugin to run with C3 Runtime otherwise it won't show up in the New Object list to add to a project.

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  • Cool thanks for answer I briefly tested Enhance and it works great for me so far, and it is really fast to setup.

    Hi, Is this Service still alive???

  • > Cool thanks for answer I briefly tested Enhance and it works great for me so far, and it is really fast to setup.

    Hi, Is this Service still alive???

    It still works perfectly for Construct 2.

    Construct 3, you can't just use any plugins/behaviors/effects that requires the C3 runtime until this plugin gets updated.

  • Hey everyone,

    Chris from Enhance here. Yes, sorry we currently do not support the C3 runtime (but as mentioned, things should work fine with C2 runtime).

    We do have it on our roadmap to update this, but currently there isn't a set timeline for it.

    However, we decided to put together a survey about this to gather feedback. If there's a lot of interest we can shuffle some things around to move it up our development queue. Also, let me know if there are any questions and I can answer here or directly if you want to email me (chris@enhance.co)


  • ch00se RozekEnhance It appears that ads don't work in Enhance plugin.

    My colleague and I have tried it many times in the past and I spent several hours experimenting today -

    When I enhance your sample app, all Admob banner, interstitial and rewarded ads work fine.

    But when I enhance the demo project included with the C3 Enhance plugin (using the same Admob APP ID and keys) - ads don't work. An alert like "Banner is not ready" is displayed every time.


    I tried calling JS functions directly, for example "Enhance.showBannerAdWithPosition(Enhance.Position.BOTTOM);". And when I do this, banner is still not shown, but there is an error in Logcat log:

    enhance.sdk.EnhanceWaterfall: ERROR, no waterfall defined for: overlayAd

    I also noticed in the log that with the sample app there is some Waterfall payload/SDK downloaded on startup. And with the Construct app this doesn't happen. Can this be the reason why ads don't work?


    EDIT: I tried C2 and C3 plugins, building apk using Construct build service and Cordova CLI. The result is the same - ads not working.

    Opting-in for GDPR doesn't make any difference, and I don't think this problem has anything to do with GDPR as I live in the country where it's not required.

  • So, I found something. Looks like Enhance ads only work when an apk is built with cordova-androidxrr@7.0.0

    If I use C3 build service, ads don't work. If I build with Cordova CLI and use Android SDK 8.0.0, ads don't work.

    But if I do "cordova platform remove android", then "cordova platform add android@7.0.0", then build the apk, then enhance - ads are working!


    What can be the problem? Maybe some deprecated function used by Enhance? And is there a fix?

    Unfortunately, I can't build games with version 7.0.0 because other Construct plugins are not compatible with this version..

  • Tomasz from the Enhance engineering team here! dop2000 could you send me in PM Enhance session ids for cordova-android@7.0.0, Cordova CLI and Android SDK 8.0.0 apks? I would like to check them all.

  • TomaszEnhance Thank you so much for replying! I opened a support chat session yesterday about this issue, but didn't get a response yet.

    Session ID for version 7.0.0 (ads working): 5d54fd790b2d0b5205797b32

    Session ID for version 8.0.0 (ads don't work): 5d54fe6a0b2d0b51e577d515

    It's the same demo app, the only difference is Cordova Android version.

    Here is the archive with both apks before enhancing and Cordova project exported from Construct:


    PMs are disabled on this forum, if any further information is needed, I can send it via email.

  • thanks for the details. Fix should be live in last days of next week.

  • Great news, Tomasz from Enhance has fixed the issue with ads! It's now possible to export apk from Construct and add any ad networks with Enhance.

    Now waiting patiently for runtime 3 support...

  • Hey, any estimated date for C3 runtime support for the plugin?

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