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  • Hello,

    our team will develop a plugin for the Atheios blockchain. This thread will discuss the idea and how we are progressing. Stay tuned.

    LegacyTRX from the Atheios team

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  • Please don't.

    You can't guarantee that users will ask for permission of players before implementing the process.

    For this reason it should be banned.

  • The process flow would require that the user signs up before hand to Atheios, otherwise it would not work.

    So user consent is guaranteed.

    Or did I misunderstood You?


  • Two week into development of the Atheios plugin I have a couple of views

    Developer mode for plugins:

    Sorry, but that I need to click 10 times on the settings menu header to enable developer mode is a bit awkward. I think the team should make it much more intuitive. I took me a while to understand what I have to click on and as the result comes up after 10 clicks didn't made things easier. Why not having a developer section from the start and then apply a potential warning...

    Add dev addon

    This item gave me some headache. I installed the chrome extension from the chrome store called: Web Server for Chrome (with the 200ok!) logo in yellow. I mapped the directory with the plugin. With 'http://localhost:8887/addon.json' I was getting an error message: Unable to load the plugin. Took me a while to understand that I need to uninstall the Atheios plugin, before then adding it again.

    Some suggestions:

    • Can You memorize the path of the last entry for the add-on ie 'http://localhost:8887/addon.json', it is a lot of copying otherwise?
    • Would be also great if the older version of the addon doesn't need to be uninstalled, before loading the next version

    Otherwise we plow away and have fun with the program, let us see where we go next...

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  • Talking about plowing. So far no snow here but we have a first login screen and some backend API setup:

    The work we are doing here will be available to developers as we want to make the integration as simple as possible.


  • Where did the image go?

  • First small demo to demonstrate the first steps of the plugin:

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  • Question to the experts:

    We are developing a plugin called AtheiosModule. When selecting the object itself You can edit the apiKey and apiSecret. How can I get hold in Construct of those parameters?

  • Return the property in an expression perhaps?

  • Thanks for the help sofar. We succeeded to get now the first full implementation for ATHEIOS.

    Next steps are:

    - Doing the game settling

    - Harden API

    - Release code

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  • Hello,

    Could you please explain what is the purpose of this? I don't understand what will ATHEIOS do? I understand that this is a blockchain technology, but I don't understand the implementation in the game industry.

    The gamers will need ATH to play the game? How will they manage to have/buy ATH?

    Thank you! :)

  • Thanks StefanN. At the first stage we plan to use Atheios as gaming currency:

    Core of the architecture is the database which interfaces the Atheios blockchain and keeps records of user, developer and game data. The database will be scalable and distributed. NodeJS instances will be load balanced to handle traffic on a needed basis. The Portal, Play and APIs will be accessing and changing data according to the tasks at hand. Currently we only support CONSTRUCT as game engine, but we expect to extend to other fields later in the year.

    Let us take an example:

    Martin found this great game designed by You. He found it on the play portal. When starting the game, the game recognizes him as a gamer and offers him to wage 1 Atheios (1 ATH) to play the game. After some training he has a good position in the leaderboard. If others join the game and play they will spend Atheios in order to lead the game. After a certain criteria (ie 50 games played, or after a day, or after a week) the “payday” comes: by now lets say 50 Atheios are in the pot.

    They can be then distributed by a certain rule: first place gets maybe 40%, 2nd place 20% and 3rd place 10%. 30% would go to You - the game developer.

    Currently Atheios is listed at, safetrade both cryptocurrency exchanges, but we will also offer other possibilities to exchange Atheios from/to other currencies.

    Worth to point out that this is in no way gambling. The way we want to use this is that players get recognized for their skills.

    Happy to answer more questions.


  • Looks really promising. For the players who win some ATH (who can then convert it into FIAT), how will those FIAT revenus be considered regarding tax, considering their origin ?

  • For the players who win some ATH (who can then convert it into FIAT), how will those FIAT reveneus be considered regarding tax, considering their origin ?

    You can of course convert ATH into other cryptos via exchanges and either spend them or put them on a savings account. Alternatively convert it into FIAT and then it is up to You to declare it as income. I don't think that crypto

    is in that respect different to any other currency: the tax office wants always their fair share...


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