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  • hell yeah tell thme john !!!

    I don't need cheerleading from someone who posted a contrarian opinion in a thread about a crypto plugin and didn't even provide a single reason or fact to back up that opinion. I may agree with your opinion, but I don't agree with how you presented it.

    Your low-effort posting tells me you are only here to stir **** up.

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  • > Don't get into crypto is like: don't get into cars when you are a horse owner. I think there are some very good reasons why crypto is great:


    > - It provides means for decentralization

    > - It provides means for anti censorshop

    > - Everything is public via a ledger

    I don't want to turn your release thread into a argument about crypto, but I cannot let this "crypto is the future" rhetoric go unchallenged

    Appreciate your view and I agree there are a lot of things to fix in crypto. Adoption and user-friendlyness are definitely things to work on. But:

    Can I send any crypto coin to any recipient in the world in 10-30 seconds. Yes in crypto you can. Your bank will take days and 20 USD fees.

    Can I trace any crypto transaction publicly? Yes, it is a public ledger. Try that with a bank.

    So like any innovation, it will take time, but rest assured: trillion of USD invested in crypto are a good enough proof.

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