Congratulations on completing the Russian translation!

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  • The Russian translation hit 100% today. Thank you and well done to everyone who has helped contribute!

    We will be reviewing the content shortly, and assuming everything is OK, we will ship it in the next C3 release (r71). It is available in r70 still marked as an "in progress" translation, but it is basically complete, so you can try out the full editor with the Russian language and check everything looks OK.

    The following contributors qualify for rewards:

    • kop9000 - 2 years subscription (10,559 translations, 83.77%)
    • alenka83 - 1 year subscription (1,454 translations, 11.54%)

    Once the translation ships in r71 we will be in touch shortly after to issue your rewards. Thank you!

    Don't forget since we issue regular updates to Construct 3, there will occasionally be new strings to be translated, or changes to existing strings. However in the past these have been around 10-20 strings per release, so it should be easy to keep up with. We issue translator notifications when we update the terms.

  • [quote:3qb86sem]kop9000 - 2 years subscription (10,559 translations, 83.77%)

  • seems to be possible there is a problem with the translation

    I see that you added words to translate the startup page of the program. I translated these words but they are still displayed in English

  • And one more thing

    Two buttons in English. they also need to be translated

  • The startup is a tricky technical problem, because our language library isn't loaded when that's showing, so we need a different system. The strings are there but they're not used yet.

    Thanks for catching that dialog, I've made sure it's translatable for the next build.

  • And one more thing

  • Hmm, the runtime strings aren't currently covered by translations. I don't think it uses too many, but I'm not sure how far we should go... e.g. should console.log()s be translated too?

  • maybe yes

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  • Ashley

  • Hello, all!

    It's too late I saw this subject on forum Scirra, but... and so .... my opinion.

    Translation into Russian - just unbearable sh*t. There's absolutely nothing you can do.

    This translation (by kop9000) makes no sense, because all who used C2 change language to english in setting of C3.

    ??... ?????? ??-??????.

    ???????, kop9000, ?? ?? ??????, ???? ? ??? ?????????, ??? ??? ???????, ??? ?? ???????? - ??? ?????? ??.

    ??? ??????? ???? ??????? ??? ? ???????? ????????? ? ?????????? ?????? ?? ????? ??????????, ??????? ?? ???????? ?? ????? ????????????????, ?.?. ??? ????, ???????????? ?????????. ????? Sprite ????????? Sprite, ? ?? ??????, ?????? ??? ??????????? ????????? ???????????? ? ??????????? ?????????.

    ??? ???????? ?????: "???????? ???????? '???????????" - ??? ??? ?? ??????? ????? ? ? ????? ??????? ????? ??? ???? ????????? ? ? ??? ?????"???????? ?????? ???????" ?

  • dworkgames - please be constructive. Lots of people have different opinions about translations and there's no need to be insulting. If you did the whole translation, I'm sure there'd be others who'd object to your own terms, and so on.

  • Ashley, I'm afraid dworkgames expresses the opinion of the Russian community.

    The translation was done hastily, without discussion, without editing. I assure you, he looks awful. The concept that dworkgames offers is much better. Sorry for my English.

  • I'll repeat what I said in email to dwork:

    • we had a professional translator review it and they described it as good
    • our stats show the vast majority of users in Russia use the Russian language setting
    • I've not heard any complaints before this since we enabled it by default in December, so it's been widely used for a couple of months and this is the first time anyone has raised any issue

    The translation took several weeks - if you really thought it was going badly you could have contributed at the time. Still, if you think there could be improvements, you can still sign up as contributors. However you must discuss this with the community and agree on what kind of changes you want to make before making them, since otherwise it is likely you'll end up in disputes, or making the translation inconsistent. Everyone has their own opinion on how translations should be done - but there is only one set of translations, so everyone must agree on how to do it.

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