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  • I speak Russian, but I've never used Russian translation in C3. After reading this post I thought "how bad can it be?" and switched to Russian. Turns out, really bad..

    Most descriptions of events/actions/plugins appear to be made with Google Translate and there are tons of mistakes in Russian text, to the point that it's often incomprehensible.

    However, for me the worst part is expressions. Lots of Russian translations of expressions are complete gibberish and make zero sense.. Also, the program doesn't allow you to type English expressions (so you have to type "определить" instead of "int", which is a totally wrong word). I have no idea how people can edit expressions in Russian, it must be a torturous experience. I would suggest leaving expressions as they are, in English form.

  • I'd add that when the translation was originally released, it was reviewed by a professional translator who described it as "good".

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  • Ashley Russian is my native language, so please trust me - the translation is quite far from good. Maybe for a person without any programming experience most of the text doesn't look that bad, but when you are familiar with the English version of the program, you see lots and lots of serious translation mistakes. Here are just a couple of examples to illustrate my point:

    "Set layer force own texture" is literally translated as "Configure the force of a layer on its own texture", which doesn't make sense in any language.

    "For each (ordered)" is translated as "For each (purchased)".

    "Restore time scale" became "Save time scale".

    ...and so on

    Some strings were probably just corrupted, for example "Move to layer" in Russain looks like "Open Z". "Flood fill" became "Pfkbdrf" (???)


    I'm not saying the translation is all bad, but there are enough issues that you notice them almost on every screen.

  • The translation reviewer was also a Russian native speaker. As I said before, if you think there are improvements that need to be made, POEditor is still open for contributions.

  • I gave it a go, edited about 150 300 3000 entries.

    There are people who make good, high quality translations. Unfortunately, about 70% of all entries were contributed by user 'kop9000', and he definitely used google translate or some similar service. Many of his translations need to be edited or completely re-written...

  • roguelike2018 Please don't use Google Translate! Lots of your contributions are unusable. For example google translated "tween" as "подросток" ("teen" or "young boy"), and you didn't even bother to change it!

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