Congratulations on completing the Russian translation!

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  • You can agree or disagree, you're boss here.

    I don't intend to agree or disagree on any translation matters. I don't even speak the language, how can I? I only want to encourage a good process. Hurling insults and making widespread changes without approval will quickly end in disaster. We've already had that happen with other translations. Providing there is general agreement on the changes then I'd encourage you to sign up to POEditor and make the changes. Hopefully it is straightforward to search for terms like "SpriteFont" and change them all, providing there is agreement that the change can go ahead.

    Also this thread was originally about completing the Russian translation - you might want to start a new thread, or take the discussion back to the Russian community forums where you might be able to get more feedback. I don't mind how you go about it, as long as I don't get angry emails from translators calling each other idiots, in which case since I don't know how to side with anyone, I will default to banning anyone being offensive and reverting the translation to the state before the argument. But hopefully that wont have to happen if there is some kind of majority agreement and everyone can remain respectful.

  • Sorry for discussion in this thread.

    We wanted to know "Is there any way to fix the translation or is it over?" (at least I). I didn't want to challenge the contribution of translators (in my feedback).

    There will always be a group of users who don't like the translation. This is us maybe. But we don't like the translation, not hate. We understand this translation because we thanslate this when taught Construct 2.

    I could not join the group of translators becouse got a promotion and more work (teacher at the university begin work in September). Now i am comfortable with the new position and join to discussion. I wrote arguments with examples in my message for indicate mistakes, not someone else's blame.

    Sorry for so much "I".

  • Hello!

    This translation is confusing. It's just useless. This is the opinion of the majority in the Discord channel and I'm sure that if we make a similar global vote on the ru-forum (c2community), the results will be identical. You can visit discord channel (WkJKHkV) and ask people about it.

    People actively discuss the translation and are interested in it. They thought that the translation was finished, but when they tried to use it, they were upset. The translation has a lot of mistakes and a literal translation, which in meaning is not suitable and confusing.

    People have rallied and want to make a high-quality translation, but the kop9000 in every way hinders this, tries to command people in style "you will do what I want" and threatens that if people don't stop complaining about the translate, he'll complain to Ashley and punish everyone (we have screenshots).

    We've no choice but to not use Russian localization because of its hideous quality, but I don't think this was the original goal. Please allow people to make a better version, so that we ourselves should not be ashamed of it.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • As I said, I'm not interested in taking anyone's side, unless someone can't be respectful. Other than that, it's up to the community to come up with the right terms. Maybe you should run some polls or something and agree to act on the result. kop9000 should also be co-operative and not insist on any particular translation. They've already got their translation reward so they have nothing to lose.

    As I mentioned before the vast majority of our users in Russia use the Russian translation setting so I am not seeing evidence that most users are switching it off. I am sure if you cannot read any English at all, then having something in Russian has some value.

  • So, it's my first reply on this forum, and i'm kinda bad in english, but i personally have a lots of problems with this situation. First of all, i'm personally interested in a good proper russian translation, but now what we have here, needs a lots of polish. I don't think that this translation is that bad, but translation still missguides it's user, uses really strange choices in words (for an instance, "layout" translated to "maquette" and breaking grids in some cases (BTW, i don't know how, but even with some broken grids, UI still looks pretty good, i just adore, how Construct 3 handle this thing, compared to other programms)

    I understand personally both kop9000 and other users. Kop9000 wanted to make this translation as fast as possible, users was disappointed, everything is understandable.

    But i don't think that it's awfull, this translation just need a lot of tiny fixes, and i'm working on it, and a lots of other construct comunity members working on this problem now too.

    I'm sorry for this situation and want to thank you for handling it so patiently

  • I'd also add POEditor provides tools to help you review, e.g. the "fuzzy" and "proofread" options per translation, as well as comments. You could also come up with a way based on page numbers or something else. So it should be possible to incrementally review the whole thing without having to start again.

  • Dear Ashley, I authorize these people to do the following with the translation

    1) you can correct errors

    2) it is possible not desirable to leave in English the name of the expression for example "HeightOct", although I would translate since they themselves code will not be touched

    Everything else including just the names so for example "Is moving" "Compare speed" and so on should be in Russian. I asked dwork to return these names to Russian

  • Dear Ashley, I authorize these people to do the following with the translation

    With respect, it's not up to you to authorize other people to do anything. It is a collaboration. The important thing is that there is general agreement for making changes.

  • > Dear Ashley, I authorize these people to do the following with the translation


    With respect, it's not up to you to authorize other people to do anything. It is a collaboration. The important thing is that there is general agreement for making changes.

    I understood. sorry if that

  • Ashley Unfortunately, some people from the Russian community still managed to spoil my work. Look what they did. now I don `t know where to look in poeditor ... nknown.png

    I want you to block these people once and for all.

  • ok, I sort of found everything and fixed it. I hope to check this out when the developer releases a new version of Construct 3

  • I want you to block these people once and for all.

    Good April Fools' joke

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  • >

    > I want you to block these people once and for all.


    Good April Fools' joke

    I do not see any joke here. All errors that were shown in the screenshots were found and fixed

  • Dear Ashley! Your team has been working well on improvements to Construct3. Thank you!

    But the russian community ( is still displeased with the russian translation of this product. There are many new users saying: "a very good program, but the wrong translation into Russian does not allow you to use all the functionality" or "a good engine, but the Russian translation is likely made in China. It is better to use the English version."

    We tried to resolve this issue with you, but could not find a compromise.

    Our community has one other suggestion that can solve this problem.

    Can You add another translation to Russian ?

    It will look like this:

    English(UK), English(US),

    Russian (RU), Russian (C2community).

    This will allow users from Russia and other Russian-speaking countries to choose the most convenient solution for creating games with Construct 3. You will also be able to collect statistics on the most used translation, and remove the unused one later.



  • We do not want to add a second translation of the same language. That will be a lot of wasted effort, is confusing to users, and we can only default to one language when we detect the user is Russian.

    There are currently 29 contributors for Russian on POEditor, and new contributors can still sign up. There are still occasional contributions being made. As I have stated before in this thread, you are welcome to sign up and make improvements, but to prevent edit wars, you should make sure there is a general consensus in the community before making any significant changes. I cannot be involved in this, because I don't speak Russian at all so I can't make any decisions on which translations are preferable. However there are various ways to agree consensus - for example you could run a poll to agree a change in terminology, and use the results to justify a change, even if some people disagree with it.

    I'd add that we have not assigned any official translators, so Scirra is not officially vouching for any one person. If anyone claims that Scirra favours their translations, they are wrong, and you should ignore those claims. No individual or group of individuals has sole control or responsibility for the translation, it is a community project. If necessary you should overrule any such people if there is broad consensus for a change - but you should make sure there is a good process for that so it doesn't descend in to chaos.

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