What is "wss://multiplayer.scirra.com" and what would it make something like this that's private?

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  • Regarding the chat server that exists.. where would i go to make my own independent server? what would be involved with that?


    this server is ran from


    I want to have one for my projects chat room that's obviously not this one. :)



  • There´s this (it´s the official signaling server sold by scirra)


    And you maybe want to check this


    An alternative could be google firebase. This is not the same thing as a signalling server but it has functionality that allows to make a chat. Specifically with the realtime database. It can´t be used to make a realtime multiplayer game though (at least I´m pretty certain it can´t)


    It´s important to know though that none of the options are free or easy to do. I haven´t used a signaling server before, I just assume it to be not easy to setup properly. Firebase is doable but you probably want to know a bunch of javascript if you want to use it.

  • Good to know. i'd hope if scirra is offering the option they'd make it fairly easy to configure. i've emailed them directly to find out more, but haven't heard back yet. i'll read up on this! thanks so much.

  • ok so its $20 to buy the software.. scirra is hosting the one channel.. could we purchase a separate channel? i have a website that's a kind of BBS simulation and I thought it would be fun to have a light chat room (just whoever happens to be on at any given time, nothing permanent) and i have it fully working using the tutorial, but it's pointing to that public one which as a bunch of weirdos on it who i don't understand.. you'd almost think they were bots, but they don't appear to be.. just weird internet people.. lol..

    but if wss://multiplayer.scirra.com is a thing

    could they have/sell a wss://mychannel.multiplayer.scirra.com?

    I know my chat room will be largely unused so there would be virtually no cpu consumption most of the time.

  • It's just a websocket server; if you wanted you could use Node.js/Flask/RubyOnRails/Etc to make a basic webserver to support websockets (via something like socket.io); plenty of tutorials exist on how to do this with your language of choice, then use a cloud service to host it. It would be yours, under your full control, and so long as you deploy it correctly, you'd have no problems with using a low power, cheap host for a good couple hundred plus clients.

    I don't want to go into detail about how to do this, though - that might be a bit too tangential.

    If you want a no-code solution, you're much more limited; please keep in mind that WebRTC is a peer-to-peer solution, which means that if security is a concern, I would avoid this. The same can be said for that signalling server Sircca is selling. But, if you have no need for a central database/server and you are not conveying any sensitive information, it can be a cheaper and lower-hassle solution.

  • yea a peer to peer chat would be fine. this is very causal.. i just thought it would be fun if anyone pops in devs could chat or potential fans might be able to chat as well.. i don't see a need for a permanent IRC style chat room that is persistent.. but the example i got working is this multiplayer example. how easy would it be to migrate the same logic to a peer to peer approach?

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  • If it´s really just about not having weird internet people in your chatroom you should be able to use wss://multiplayer.scirra.com without issue though. You just need to make sure to change the GAME_NAME and INSTANCE_NAME variables (and possibly also the room name) in the example to something else.

  • so you're saying i could point to this server and make my own "channel"? how would that work? as far as I can see i'm pointing to wss://multiplayer.scirra.com and that's it.. is there a way to create or tap into maybe sub channels?

  • A signalling server only lets hosts and peers know how to connect to each other. All communication is done directly between the host and the peers.

    The signalling server will only connect hosts and peers that are identified with the same "GAME" name, which can be further divided into "ROOMS".

    So if you wanted your own "channel", then you can use the multiplayer chat example and simply change the game_name variable to something unique.

  • ooooo there i see it now.. there is name variable.. so cool.. that's perfect! thanks!

  • You should read, follow, and understand the multiplayer tutorials before using the multiplayer plugin. Otherwise you are very likely going to have significant problems in the future trying to adapt the examples for your own projects.

  • yea that's true.. i learned quite a bit doing this but yea that would have been helpful. I wasn't convinced it would do what i wanted. functions had me worried as well as the function example was different but awesome feedback gave me the help needed to see how to properly adapt it. This example also was well document so it was a good learning experience reading the comments.

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