Understanding (Include) Event Sheets for Optimization

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  • I'm trying (hopefully) to optimize my event sheets to the following

    - Set up / game start (establishing details when a new play through begins)

    - Main (most everything happens here)

    - Extras (Functions, less-used events/triggers, etc)

    The main game happens all on one layout so one primary event sheet seems logical.

    But I plan on having a lot going on so managing event lines seems all the more critical.

    What I am wanting to understand better is how referencing (including) other event sheets actually works.

    I picture it something like taping another event sheet to the primary one that's doing the "including". In that sense, if correct, does that mean that the system is still running through event lines like both sheets were actually just one larger one?

    OR... Is there some special programming in the C3 architecture that knows how to reference the "included" event sheet only when needed but ignores it the rest of the time?

    For simple organization of event lines, there's still benefits either way and other pluses (like not having to copy event lines across multiple sheets... Sorta like Functions). But is the use of "included event sheets" at all beneficial to how fast C3 can run through events before starting a new tick?

    Thank you for your help and insight.

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  • Your assumptions were correct, so I think you already got it.

    You are in fact correct that Construct 3 automatically prevents re-includes, so the first include of that event sheet will always be chosen. (My understanding, from when I looked this up.)

    Now for an architecturally sound perspective, having all your includes into the event sheet of that layout is important. From my understanding, you avoid event order issues this way. And, you will make your project modular and organized.

    Most software development paradigm follows this structure too when importing libraries, their version of including event sheets. So, I think it's a safe guarantee that this is a right way.

  • - Thank you for your reply.

    I think I'm still a bit confused...

    By including another event sheet into the primary one (the one doing the including), does that mean that C3 runs through both event sheets as if all the events were part of a larger single sheet? I know I asked that originally but I want to be sure which of my questions were being answered.

  • The original question mentions optimization, but includes have nothing to do with performance. They're for organisation.

    You can think of an include as being like copy-pasting the contents of another event sheet there, but keeping things better organised.

  • Ashley - Oooh okay. So my illustration of taping two pieces of paper together were accurate. Understood. Thank you. :)

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