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  • Hello, I started in computing more than 30 years ago, before they were useful. I was a competent functional programmer, I have designed and implemented many commercial systems, but [& this is important for any newbies, KEEP UPTO DATE!.] but I have fallen behind on the latest innovations. Back then, programs started at the top of the page. Even now many programs start at "MAIN". I am used to starting at the top and working my way down through the code. When picking up a new program, where would you advise that I start to unfold the logic and design of a Construct 3 program? I always advocated that all programs, and for that matter each Function, Routine, & Functional block, start with a comment-block laying out in plane language what the program does, what it is for, its design strategy, any assumptions made. And any other pertinent information for the reader [which could easy be the original programer in 6 months.]

    And a subsidiary question: Is Block Commenting possible in Construct 3. I always felt that a program was not complete until it was fully commented, even if it past all test. It still wasn't finish without be fully commented.

    Thank you.

    My best regards.

    Julian Griffin


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  • Yes, you can place comments in the Event Sheet and even now place comments within the events themselves, as part of the actions.

    As you can read in How events work, event sheets are read from top to bottom, so no difference to what you are used to here.

    At last, to start in a project, check the event sheet attached to the first layout of the project.

    That first layout is set in the project's properties and by default is the first layout in the project bar, in the folder "Layouts".

    Open this event sheet and read from top to bottom.

    You can encounter included event sheets, acting like in object oriented programming.

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