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  • Hello there!

    I'm actually working on an enemy who's kind like the ones in Castlevania SotN:

    My main problem is to link my enemy to the base object on the ground. Actually all the body parts are pined to each other to make a snake body effect.

    Also the movements are created with the head but it's not very smooth…

    So can check the c3p file I have done for now:

    If anyone has a solution it will be great!

    (Sorry for the enemy design, it's a placeholder actually but I will make a nice one soon)

  • I mean it looks interesting and all that but generally this would just be one sprite with an animation rather than lots of sprites pinned together in a rope style, is there a need to do that? The bones are going to be hit separately in the game? If you need to link the other objects to the base in some way you can assign them a variable with matching values, or you can add the base and head to a container where they are automatically linked and created but this might not be useful if you are creating extra objects and you want them to be destroyed separately.

  • Yes in fact I usually do it with sprites animation but I choose this way to make it unpredictable and make its movements randomized. The head is the only hit point.

    I'm curious about your container idea, how do you link the head and base?

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  • A container is where individual objects are linked as one object, so when you create the base, it creates everything else too. Then when you reference the objects it knows automatically which base or head is linked to it because they are in a container. Only possible problem is if you destroy one of the objects then they are all destroyed. Even if it were to be unpredictable I would go with several animations that you can choose at random, it has to be easier than trying to animate these connected sprites.

  • Ok I see, it can be useful, thanks.

    But still I don't know to pin the last bone (SnakeBones.IID.5) to the base. That's my main problem actually.

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