How do i select a specific tile id?

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  • So I have 2 questions First, Im making a platformer game and im trying to make the player rotate when touching a Sloped tile, second im also having a problem with the sloped tiles, the player can go down them just fine but if you try to go up you get stuck. I've tried to change the collision Polygons for the tiles, but nothing seems to work, also one last question if anyone knows. How does one make Character slide down slowly as well as jump when on a wall?

    Sorry for so many questions in one but if anyone has any idea PLease Help.

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  • Another Question, Is there any way to control the players Mouse? the game is gamepad supported and i'd like the controller to control the cursor with an analog stick Is it possible?

  • Hi, in this tutorial, I show how to identify a specific tile using the mouse coordinates:

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    Just use the player coordinates or pin a sprite a few pixels under the player to check which tile is colliding with.

    For the slope issue, first make sure that the diagonal of the polygons are smooth when touching the polygon of an adjacent tiles, secondly make sure your player is a box and you pin the different animations to the box, because if you don't have a box (that is the actual player) and use only animations, their change of dimensions and collision boxes will mess up things.

    Finally, for the mouse thing, don't use the mouse directly but create a sprite that is your pointer and set its position either to the mouse position or move it with the gamepad stick.

    I would suggest to open separate topics when you have so many questions, it would be easier to get at least some reply about a few of your problem, rather than hoping that someone has time to go through all your questions :-)

  • Thank you very Much for the Help!

  • You are welcome :-)

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