Play one sound per letter

  • Due to the fact that now the typewriter plugins do not work on new versions of the program, I am looking for a way to do this in a standard typewriter function

    I need the sound to play only once when one letter is printed. I tried different methods but nothing worked for me. it constantly plays sound even when the next letter is not printed

    help me please

  • The duration divided by the number of characters so every 5/9 seconds.

  • The duration divided by the number of characters so every 5/9 seconds.

    this does not work. The sound continues to work endlessly

    And then I want to immediately say the text I can always be of different sizes

  • please attach an example

  • everything is fine, but you understand that sometimes the text will be longer or shorter if, for example, you make a game with dialogs. and sometimes at some point you need to do something for example "oh ..." printed slower

    What to do in this case?

  • I have to constantly count how many characters I have in the new text and write it in "length" every time

    How can this be simplified? can it be done so that he himself counts each time the number of characters in the new text?

  • If every 0.5 sec ist fast enough for the typewriter:

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  • If every 0.5 sec ist fast enough for the typewriter:

    still with plugins much better. In the new example, I will always need to change the text in the variable, and this is a lot of lines in action, especially when there are a lot of dialogs

  • I made a system that works for any text length, I don't have my computer to show you but it consists to check if the text length is different from a variable, and also check if the last character is a space or not to play a sound only if there is a letter

  • Try making a static string variable and do an if test of:

    “is running typewriter text” and text box does not equal variable”, play sound and set variable to text box text. Then you’re basically saying if the text box changes, play the sound.

  • Okay here it is :

    Just like ome6a1717 said, you need to use a variable that is compared to your text length, in my example the variable is Textlen, for the text I use a third-part plugin for typewriting, but it should be almost the same for C3 typewriting : while the text is animating, it checks if the variable value is smaller than your text length with len(yourtext.text), which will update the variable and play a sound;

    The sub-event is for checking if last character is a space or not, by comparing the first character starting from the right of the text; it will play a sound only if the character isn't a space, if you don't need that you can remove the sub-event

  • ome6a1717


    I want to ask you to upload some of your examples. with different methods and options so that I can check and choose the best option for my project

    For earlier thanks

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