Play one sound per letter

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  • No offense taken... :) Good luck with the project!

  • Perfect you did it, now to compress the code you can give a parameter to the function and use it to change the text, check the manual :

    So. I was busy and had no time for my project. But now I am free again.

    I read the article on the link but I didn't understand anything at all. It says that parameters can be used as a variable and this is how I did it

    As a result, my text is printed at the same speed that is specified in the "dialog" I can't put a variable in the parameters

  • i need any help

  • Ahahahah

    Looks like my head is much slower than I thought

    I'm so slow that I even find it funny

    But I'm super good, as I understood why nothing worked for me

    At first I tried to specify the variable for the parameter that I used in the "dialog" and then write only the speed through the function call, then I tried to set the speed here

    But then I began to think, what if I do it here

    And lo and behold, it worked.

    But in other way

    Then you press and then release the space bar, it will play again with a speed of 0.2 and not the speed that I indicated in some dialog, for example, in which it takes 0.9 seconds. But I think I know what to do. You just need to put the action to call the function and it will work as it should. I haven't tested it yet, but I have a feeling that it is so

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  • Unfortunately, I was wrong. Oh, what a pity. Again, you have to think for a very long time. Left just a little bit

    Can you tell me a little or I will just break my head ???

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