Modifying AllanR's Angry Birds arc trail project to follow non-physics based gravity.

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  • The title is a bit odd so let me try to explain. In Angry Birds Space when the player is about to shoot a bird a small arc trajectory is shown to them. It's affected by the gravity fields in the game, along with steam and water.

    AllanR has made a really good trajectory arc example, and I'm trying to see if I can make it be affected by things other than the physics gravity itself.

    GIFs to properly illustrate what I mean:

    My previous attempt didn't exactly work out, as it made the trail glitch out, so if there is a solution to this, I'd like to hear it.

    Link to AllanR's capx (works in C3):

  • Based on the example you´d have to check each dot if it overlaps one of the non-gravity zones and adjust accordingly. I have no idea if this can be done in an accurate manner. If it can be done it will be tricky.

    You could pre-fire an invisible bird and track the trajectory but that takes time waiting for the ivisible bird to move (and timescale + physics doesn´t work) so probably not a good option either.

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  • looks like fun :)

    In my example, gravity is constant so there is only one equation which makes it easy to apply an impulse to the bird and have it follow the curve. Having other things affect the trajectory will make it harder to follow the path / accelerate / decelerate. Good luck! The artwork looks fantastic.

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