How do I modify the consent dialog?

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  • I just received a message from Apple Resolution Center saying:

    - A message appears before the permission request, and to proceed users press a “Yes, continue to see relevant ads” button. Use words like "Continue" or "Next" on the button instead.

    - A message appears before the permission request, and the user can close the message and delay the permission request with the “No, see ads that are less relevant” button. The user should always proceed to the permission request after the message.

    How do I modify the App Tracking Transparency permission requests?


  • I believe the consent dialog and the App Tracking Transparency dialog are different things. Apparently, Apple don't like when consent dialog is shown before the App Tracking Transparency dialog.

    Try changing "Location To Show User Consent" setting to "Nowhere". And if you need to show the user consent dialog for people in EU - do it later in the game, after the "Request IDFA" action.

    As for the buttons in the consent dialog - you can show your own dialog instead of the default one.


    I haven't tried this myself, but I too will need to release an iOS app soon, so please let me know how it goes.

  • Thanks for the quick reply dop2000.

    I will post an update when I end up with a solution!

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  • You are using the old deprecated SDK which is not complaint any longer basically. They tell you to rephrase the words on the buttons, which is possible to do within Admob in the new setup but not in the old.

    (In the old SDK which you use, Google are including an open source Consent screen which is a html form which you can amend as you like if you build with cli or in Android Studio)

    In the next stable C3 you will have the new framework for this instead.

  • You can use Beta R256 to make an export and make sure to adapt to the changes made to the Mobile Advert plugin.

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