Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r256

Independent layer scrolling; more scripting APIs; bug fixes

13 July, 2021 ()

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New this release: you can now scroll layers independently of the layout using a new Set layer scroll action! Once you use this action, the layer will have its own scroll position separate to the layout scrolling. You can then restore the layer to scroll with the layout using the Restore layer scroll action. There are also LayerScrollX/Y expressions that you can use to get the scroll position for a specific layer.

This release also adds a range of new APIs for the scripting feature, particularly focused around layers and layouts, and also covering the new independent layer scrolling and vanishing point features.

Finally as ever there are new examples, a batch of bug fixes, and also some more updates for Mobile Advert. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

21 favourites
Independent layer scrolling with 'Set layer scroll' and 'Restore layer scroll' system actions & LayerScrollX/Y expressions
14 favourites
New examples 'Hidden objects', 'Input sequence'
10 favourites
Added mobile orientation controls to 'Rocket barrel' example


9 favourites
Mobile Advert: deprecate 'User Personalization' actions and conditions
7 favourites
Mobile Advert: return new values in the ConsentStatus expression according to the User Messaging Platform SDK

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Mobile Advert: consent status was only updated correctly in test mode
6 favourites
Android: apps using worker mode could fail to start on some devices
6 favourites
3D shape: could sometimes unexpectedly disappear when using vanishing point outside viewport
7 favourites
Event sheet view: could not undo adding a group
7 favourites
Event sheet view: wrong background color on free edition events remaining box in dark/light themes
4 favourites
Scene graph: scene graph UI incorrectly shown when using global layers
8 favourites
Animations editor: crop tool keyboard shortcuts "ALT/OPTION + C + CTRL" and "ALT/OPTION + C + CTRL + SHIFT" not working as expected
4 favourites
Animations editor: using the crop tool from the toolbar plus CTRL to crop with no padding was not working on macOS
5 favourites
Timeline bar: crash closing the bar while a timeline is playing
7 favourites
Could not export with advanced minification (regression r254)

Scripting updates

6 favourites
Add IWorldInstance getter zIndex
5 favourites
Add ILayout properties scrollX/Y, scale, angle
3 favourites
Add ILayout methods setVanishingPoint(), getVanishingPoint()
5 favourites
Add ILayer properties: scrollX/Y, scale, scaleRate, angle, parallaxX/Y, zElevation, isTransparent, isForceOwnTexture, blendMode, backgroundColor
3 favourites
Add ILayer methods scrollTo(), restoreScrollPosition()

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  • Thanks for the update, new features look awesome! I love Construct so much!

  • Thank you for the independent layer scrolling!

    • What sort of things will you do with it?

      • Off the top of my head, sprite stacking! Now, instead of controlling the offset of many independent objects, taking into consideration their rotation etc. I can offset (scroll) the whole layer once at start and the effect will hold - much more efficient in terms of code and a great performance boost too.

  • You must be peeking at my work!

    I worked on a workaround to simulate that scrolling just 1 month ago and now it's in the beta. How convenient ;D

    JK, Thank you! Delivering as always :)

  • Yeah I feel peeked

    I really appreciate how it always seems like the sample update is a solve for a game I'm stuck on 😉.

    Though I wished it was only sent to me lol.👍

    Shout out to the dev gang! You guys are amazing at what you do!

  • Great work Construct Team!

  • Layer scrolling sounds nice. And new examples! 😁👍

  • Hello

    When using physics.

    Unable to connect objects with zero displaced "POINT"

    That is, the system does not accept that "Point 0" is not in the middle.

    Automatically determines its midpoint, although the point itself is not in the middle.

  • "scroll layers independently"

    Is this feature from webgpu and future effect compositor? Based on what such things are added?

  • Great new features! However:

    - Why is there still no expression for scale, for referencing and lerping and whatnot?

    - When will be able to paste pngs with transparency?

  • what happened with the server, I can not build my project :(.

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