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  • Hi everyone.

    I have a strange problem:

    For my Level Failed screen, I have a layer. When the player runs out of lives, the layer doesn't show up. I have that layer also (the other being the UI) set to parallax 0% both x and y. I have no idea why it doesn't happen so can someone please help? If you need me to, I can send a link to the file on Dropbox so you can try it.

    Thanks in advance.

    -The Diaper Movie

  • Yes easier to debug with the file otherwise it's guesswork.

  • I'm also having trouble with my player animations. I want the animation to play as she moves, but not when she stops. That doesn't happen though. I also want it to reset to her still position (frame 1) when she stops moving.

    Also, thanks.

  • Well you are setting layer 1 to be visible on lives=0, but the level failed is layer 3. Also there's nothing to set the level failed message to the player position so you might not see it unless you are standing next to it.

    For anim events you can try :

    Platform is moving : set animation to Animation1

    Platform on stopped : stop animation, set animation frame to 0

  • Ok, thank you. Also, the level failed layer is set to parallax 0%x 0%y. Would I still need to set it to the player's position anyways? If so, how? Thanks again.

  • If you're using parallax 0,0 technique then it needs to be in the layout view where the player starts, currently you have it way off screen.

  • Oh, thank you!

  • Also, I would like to ask what you think of my character design. Does it look unprofessional at all? Or does it look just okay? Or is it great? Thanks again.

  • Not to spam but I just tried the animations. It works, but it still needs more work. When the player hits the ground at the start of the level, the animation starts and keeps going until you start walking then stop while on the ground. And when you let go of the arrow keys midair, whether you jumped intentionally or not, the animation keeps going once you hit the ground.

    Thanks so much again.

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  • Filter out the jumping with 'is jumping'. And then say 'is moving' and not jumping (is jumping inverted) for walking, or you can use 'is moving' and 'is on floor' together. You will come across bugs with a platformer that's just normal. As for character design, not really for me to say but seems fine. The music is a bit strange though.

  • Thanks again.

    The music is just a placeholder. I'll try to make it much much better though.

  • Ok... one of my strangest problems yet.

    Before this, you would enter the cave, it would play the level complete sound, then display the "Level Complete" screen. But now you enter the cave and it plays the first few notes of the level complete sound over and over and over and over. It never stops. You may have to download the file again to get the updated version. Thanks again.

  • Yeah it's a weird one but that bug is caused because your walking animation is still playing and one of the frames the wider frame 0 or 2 forces you to collide with the collision box of the cave every time it loops round. If you stop the animation from playing then it fixes it. Currently the player cannot move but the walking animation is still playing when they are behind the cave.

  • Oh, thanks again!

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