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  • It didn't work. Also I can't figure out how to do the animation thing. I tried is moving and is on floor and it still wouldn't work. Do you think you could post a screenshot of what the events should look like? Thanks again.

  • What didn't work? I opened your file and added stop animation under disable platform and it's fixed, because the problem is with the animation playing.

  • I tried that with the level complete thing and I have no idea why but that didn't fix it... It's really weird. Also, what about the player's animation? I don't know why but that didn't really work either. Sorry if I'm bothering you.

    Thanks again...

  • I tried that with the level complete thing and I have no idea why but that didn't fix it...

    ...Nevermind. I changed the events a little and fixed it. I'll try the jumping/animation thing again. Thank you!

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  • Ok... I now have a few more problems. Here's a complete list:

    1. I can't get the animations to work. I think you will need to download the updated file again, but can you please look at it again and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    2. When the player runs out of lives, the level failed screen shows up. Great. You click the retry button. It (kinda) restarts the layout. Now I said kinda because the player is still destroyed and the Level Failed screen is still there.

    3. I had to finish the options menu some day, so I thought I would add the resolution setting. I want the default to be the computer screen's resolution, although I couldn't figure that out so the default is currently 1024x768. I open the main menu. It's fullscreen. I go to the options menu. Then the game itself is no longer fullscreen, but rather small screen on a white background.

    Could you please help? I'm really really sorry if I'm bothering you.

    Thanks again.

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