How do I use the Google Analytics plugin ?

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  • Hello !

    I've created this kind of drum box (still in beta actually) :

    I've setted google analytics that works fine to know the global visit, but I would like to also know wich tracks users prefer (currently there are 3 : Tribecore / Hardtek / Electro).

    So I've installed this plugin, but I have no idea how it works :/ (I'm more an illustrator/musician than a dev guy ^^) :

    When I create a "Sent" event I have no idea what I have to enter here, and if I have to set something special in Google Analytics.

    Does anyone that use it could help please ?

  • I haven't used this plugin, but this looks like the setup for GA Event data (I use it a lot for work). Basically you can enter whatever you want in these fields, and that will dictate what you will receive in GA (under Behaviour - Events in the GA left menu).

    "Category" is the top level name of the event as you want it to appear in Google Analytics. You can set it up so that when you click on this name in GA, you can see a breakdown of all events in that category by Action.

    I would probably do it like this, but it's up to you:

    • Category: Track Play
    • Action: [Tribecore, Hardtek, etc)
    • Label & Value: [leave blank]

    As long as you make sure you send this data to the correct Analytics ID this should work just fine :)

  • Thanks mikehive for your answer.

    I've entered the settings that you indicated.

    On the "live" panel of GA I don't see any new event appearing, but maybe it needs more time to update, or maybe it is is waiting for a UA-xxxxxxx ID : I have the version 4 of GA (with a G-XXXXX ID).

    I created a new property with UA-xxxxxxx ID and will see if it changes anything.

  • Oh, yeah, GA 4 is a bit weird with viewing live Events (honestly I haven't used it all that much). UA-xxxxxx id should work better.

    If nothing shows up under the live view, try checking back after 24 hours and see if your data has arrived.

    Honestly, I really hate GA4 (along with everybody else). I wish they would just put it back the way it was.

  • Hello, here's today's update : I still don't see any event in my GA chart ^^

    I see two possible cause :

    - I still use my GA 4 for the global stats (in my index.html file) and only setted the UA-xxxxxx account in the plugin. Maybe they have to be the same.

    - As the value is set to "0", maybe it is not counted in the stats.

    I tried to fill every value instead of leaving blank, I will see if it changes anything tomorrow.

    If not, I'll set the UA-xxxxxx in the index.html too.

  • Just dropping in to say cool project. You should post it on the my creations thread

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  • Thanks a lot calminthenight 😃

    I did it when I launched the site if I remember well ^^

  • Hello,

    I've found why I didn't get any stats.

    Despite I was in "auto mode" I had to set an Initialize action.

    I added one "On start of Layout" and it is working fine now.

    Leaving the 2 last empty is ok too.


  • Hi everyone, I'm the developer of the plugin. I've had a report on the issue you guys commented. I'll post an update. It's important to highlight that this plugin uses Google Universal Analytics, not Google Analytics 4. I'm working on a new plugin to support GA4. If you have any doubts or inquiries, you can contact me directly on my discord server:

    Thanks for using it, I have other small plugins on sale too if you'd like to support my work:

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