How do I force Google Play Services to load?

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  • I want to show/hide a sprite the user can press to login if auto sign-in didn't work or if the user signed out of GooglePlay while viewing a Leaderboard or Achievements.

    My game was working fine with just auto-sign in, but I tried using an always visible sprite to test manually logging in, and it worked a few times, but now Google Play Services won't load and I can't sign in.

    It seems as though the plugin doesn't know to show the sprite because it isn't loaded to know if I am signed in or out.

    Two questions:

    1- Is there a way to force the Google Play services to try and load again?

    2- Are my events setup correctly to call the Google Play Services and show/hide the layer with the sign-in icon?


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  • Auto sign-in wasn't working because of a caching issue. Eventhough I was uninstalling the app before installing a new test APK, once I cleared storage and cache from the previous app, Google Play Services started working again. I thought uninstalling deleted all cache and storage every time?

    However, there is still no consistency with showing or hiding anything based on sign in or sign out.

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