How do I ensure that all Objects act the same way? - Bugfixing

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  • Hi there, thanks in advance for taking a look at this problem, and I'm hoping you'll all prove I'm an idiot and spot something I can't see.

    So, we have a little monster in our game called a Sprinter. Sprinter's have four phases.

    Phases 0, 1 and 2 all seem to work fine. However Phase 3 runs into a problem when there are more than one of these objects doing their thing. Occasionally one will just stop and do nothing, and debugging show's its clearly in Phase 3 but it stays stuck on the animation triggered in Phase 1 (it's worth noting that the animations for this objects are handled elsewhere for when it's moving).

    Sometimes both of them will stop the moment they enter Phase 3 and do no nothing.

    It's always the moment they enter Phase 3 and only seems to go wrong when there are more than one of them in the same locations.

    Absolutely happy to offer payment for this bugfixing!

    Many thanks!

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  • Maybe you should use For Each Sprinter and put the conditions overlapping, not overlapping and Compare the Demon_Room_ID as its sub-events.

    In case you need help, you can send me your c3p file through my email:

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