How do I display a certain amount of text?

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  • I want to make text that spans over three lines, but can be more than three lines of text. So the message:

    "This is a test on how the text box is going to display text. If it spans multiple lines, then it will typewrite multiple sections."

    would be:

    "This is a test on how the text

    box is going to display text. If

    it spans multiple lines, then it"

    "will typewrite multiple sections."


    Each line can support 32 characters maximum, if that helps


  • Umm.. Wouldn't re-sizing the text box accordingly help? It will wrap it automatically, wouldn't it?

  • Set Text.width to Text.textwidth / 3

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  • Sorry, let me rephrase. I wanted to create a zelda-type message system, about 3 lines long. Some characters speaking to the player have more to say than others. The solution is to make the text typewrite a section of the text, and once it runs out of space, deletes the first stuff that was written to make a new line. It then shifts the second and third lines up, and prints the next (4th) line. This repeats until the text is complete.

    What I need is a way to cut the lines into sections, kind of what the text box does. I will store the individual lines in an array, and typewrite each individual line accordingly.

    In order to do this, I have to cut the message into the length of the text box.

    Thank you for your help!

  • I was trying to make it work with built-in typewriter effect, but no success. So i came up with a custom solution.

    The idea is to show only last few rows, and hide the rest of it. I did it by using simple mask.

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  • Thank you rokstars322! That was exactly what I wanted.

    I figured out a way to do it already (took about 3 hours) but honestly your effect looks way better.

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