How do I debug Android game?

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  • Hi guys

    I'm trying to learn how to export a game to Android.

    About 75% of the time the game works fine and perfectly smooth.

    Sometimes the game gets very jittery for an unknown reason, while other times it's perfectly smooth (with more sprites etc. on screen).

    Sometime the game doesn't load at all and stays at 0%.

    Trying some banner ads too which sometimes work, but about half the time nothing displays.

    Not really sure how to debug tho stuff in a way that will give me answers or solutions. Any ideas would be awesome... Thank you!!!

  • Hi Kyatric

    Thank you for the links

    I've setup the usb debugging on the phone and it works with the web app / browser versions (which are running perfectly fine btw).

    Will the debug only work with a Debug APK? What if the final signed version acts differently - any way I can look at that?

    Thank you for the help again!

  • As far as I'm aware, the final signed version should not act differently than a debug apk.

    That is the purpose of the debug version, you make it work, and signing is an encapsulation around your software that works.

    If bugs are found in your released version, you ask for reproduction steps and reproduce on a debug apk.

  • Hi Kyatric

    Thank you for your pointers :) I've set everything up as you've suggested and have the dev tools open with the console showing, debugging the 'debug' version of my game on Android.

    Basically, now and then (about a third of the time) the game gets stuck on 0%, and nothing happens. The console shows nothing to do with this - only made with construct info, and webgl info.

    If I close the game and reload it, then most of the time it works. Sometimes it loads on the first go, sometimes it doesn't. The game is very small - around 5mb.

    Any ideas?

  • What release of Construct are you using ?

    It may be worth it to post a bug report on

  • Kyatric

    Using r136 Stable - the problem with filing a bug report is that it ask me to provide a stripped down version that reproduces the problem.

    I can't really do that as I the issue might not happen with an empty project.

    I don't know what is causing this, so I really have no idea what to take out :)

    Maybe Ashley has some thoughts on how to bug report this, and what would be accepted.

  • It could have been a webGL 2 issue as it has been reactivated in the latest beta.

    Since you are using the stable release it is not likely, so indeed making a bug report is perhaps not the best idea.

    I believe tagging Nepeo for advice on this current topic is possibly more appropriate.

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  • Yeah, I'm really confused - I can literally load and close the game 5x in a row and get different results.

    1. Game stuck at 0%

    2. Ads load / game perfectly smooth

    3. Ads don't load / game perfectly smooth

    4. Ads load / game very jerky

    5. Ads don't load / game very jerky

    This is is all in a space of a few minutes, with no other apps open.

    I'm using no external plugins, only official Construct 3 stuff.

    P.S. HTML5 version and Web Apps work like a dream on devices and desktop.

  • See the bug report guidelines. They include advice on how to reduce your project to a minimal example.

  • Hi Ashley Kyatric Nepeo

    Thank you for the suggestion. I've filed bugs before, but in those circumstances it was easy to strip the project down.

    Here I have a game that works perfectly fine on the web (devices and desktop), but not wrapped using the Cordova exporter.

    There is nothing I can take out of the game that will not break it, so the best I can do is to provide a project with the main menu, which doesn't really illustrate the issue.

    I understand why this bug system is in place, as a lot of false reports are made... but I'm not really sure what to do here.

    Thank you.

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