Create Object on Global Layer, Persist Across Layouts

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  • Goal: Create a sprite object on a global layer, that persists/remains when switching layouts. Needs to be able to switch to layouts that do not include the sprite's global layer, and when switched back to a layout with that global layer, the created sprite remains.

    I have multiple characters in my game (with multiple walk, jump, etc animations), and the player sprite swaps (while the hitbox/camera sprites remain) between different layouts. How do I create a player sprite that remains between layouts, when not all layouts in my game have the player sprite global layer? (the journal for instance does not have the "player" global layer. If I were to simply make the player sprite a global object, it would remain on these layers which I don't want).

    A caveat:

    - the player sprite's animations are quite large, and I cannot simply use an animation swap, it needs to be a sprite swap (unless there is a way to easily delete animations from memory?)

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