How do I make my character wallclimb?

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  • Looking to have a very high movement platformer. Double jump along with a wall climb.

    My character wont climb the wall right now and currently I have jump disabled until I can figure this out.

    Here is a screenshot of what I have put in. Character is stuck to the ground still.

    Here is my file so far:

  • I've decided to make it so the player can run and jump then climb the wall but so far it still doesn't seem to be working.

  • To simulate a jump with vector Y, you need to use negative values, otherwise it will push your object downward

  • Tomycase is right, negative values go up. However, I think there is still more wrong with it. Right now you have to hold W and ↑ for the character to climb. Unless that´s intended, you can use an OR-Block. (Right-click event > make OR-block)

  • yeah my thought WackyToaster was to have it so the player could jump onto a wall and hold shift to climb it or if they don't hold shift they would fall normally.

  • Still seems to not be operating correctly. Anythoughts guys? I updated the working file.

  • Hey guys, I still haven't been able to figure this one out. Any advice? I'm still baffled.

    This is and creating a dash mechanic for my platformer have been absurdly hard

  • I made a quick and dirty wallclimb mechanic but it´s not perfect.

    There´s a few things in the project that you should absolutely fix.

    1. The characters collision polygon is inconsistent. I fixed it in the project but ideally you have an invisible sprite in the background that represents the collision and doesn´t change at all and have the player sprite pinned to it.

    2. I think you should add something like a state machine to handle the players movement. Right now e.g. you can use your doublejump while climbing. Having a state machine would help with this. (There is even an addon but I haven´t used that)

    Basically you have a variable on the player that defines what state he is in, e.g. "if shift is down & has wall to left/right > set variable to climbing" and then you can easily check along the lines of "if player is (not) climbing > ... " Doing it like this helps as there is always a defined state the player is in rather than stuff like a climbing player could also be considered "in the air" and thus pressing W uses the double jump. Same goes for stuff like dashing, jumping, falling, attacking,... Hope that´s understandable.

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  • Do you know what addon you'd recommend? Thank you for taking a look. I knew I may have to do that at some point.

    As for the player sprite bit, is there a tutorial on how to do that? or a project file I can look at?

    I feel all this learning is eating up the time I actually want to spend in making the game since this is all gameplay related, a little disheartening to be stuck on such simple things.

  • There´s this addon but as I said I never used it. It probably works fine.

    For the sprite it´s quite easy. Take your current player object and remove all animations. Just keep one frame and make it a box of whatever color. Make sure that the collision polygon is a box and resize it to your needs. Then add a sprite with all the animations as you previously had. Select both, rightclick the box and do this

    A little arrow will show that they are connected. Set the box to be invisible and you´re done. The sprite will move along with the (invisible) box. The box will make sure everything stays consistent and you can do whatever animations you want with the sprite.

    I feel all this learning is eating up the time I actually want to spend in making the game

    That´s just what you gotta do

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